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Senate Bill Grants Protection to Nurses Providing Out-Of-Hospital Care

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Senator Negrete McLeod’s Legislation Protects Nurse’s providing Emergency Medical Services

Sacramento – Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod (D-Chino) secured the passage of SB 1365, which added registered nurses to the group of Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers protected by liability limits.

Since 1980, Emergency Medical Service workers have been protected from unnecessary civil litigation by holding them to a minimum standard for determining gross negligence when providing care. The standard protects and encourages workers to provide lifesaving services to individuals in emergency situations, but had previously excluded registered nurses (RN) from its protections. “Registered nurses should be encouraged to provide emergency medical services in air and ground ambulances in the same way as firefighters, law enforcement, EMT’s, and paramedics” stated Senator Negrete McLeod. “This bill provides them the same legal parity as their counterparts, and assures that they can diligently and compassionately perform their duties without fear of repercussions.” At the time the regulation was written and the standard implemented, it was rare for RN’s to participate in the EMS system. In the 30 years since its enactment, it is now common practice for registered nurses to partake in the EMS system while rendering medical services at the scene of an emergency or during transport to the hospital.

SB 1365 was signed by Governor Jerry Brown and was chaptered into law on July 9th, 2012.

Third Annual “Man of the Year” Awards Luncheon Honorees

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11 deserving men will be honored for their generosity, leadership and community involvement

Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod will be acknowledging the good deeds and contributions of extraordinary men throughout the 32nd Senate District at her annual “Man of the Year” Awards luncheon to be held on Friday, June 29th in the City of Pomona. “The (Man of the Year) Awards Luncheon is an opportunity to highlight the successes of these men as they serve as role models for young men and boys,” said Senator Negrete McLeod. “Join me in congratulating these extraordinary public servants as they continue to make lasting and impressive contributions to our community.”

The eleven men were selected from all cities and unincorporated communities within the 32nd Senate District. The 2012 Men of the Year are: Daniel Morse, Ph.D., Community of Bloomington, Educator of 25 years, member of National/CA Science Teachers Association, youth mentor, charitable works and regional science fair organizer; Charles McGonigal, City of Fontana, Veteran, 20 year VFW member, 17 year American Legion member and volunteer at VA hospital in Loma Linda; Farrell J. Chiles, City of Pomona, 38 years, Ret. Army Veteran, NAACP Member, Tuskegee Airmen Scholarship Foundation Director and author; Paul Larson, City of Chino, Educator of 36 years, Chino Community and Children Theatre Founder and mentor for performing arts students; Keith Robinson, City of Montclair, Lab Tech for LA County, mentor and Montclair Youth Basketball program coach for 24 years; Eric Arrington, City of Rialto, 15 year Youth football coach and mentor for disabled individuals at Loma Linda Medical Center; Lee Sena, Community of Muscoy, Ret. Fireman and Captain of 34 years, Muscoy Water Board Member and church volunteer; Max J. Lofy, City of Colton, Former Colton City Council Member, Ret. Colton Recreation Director of 22 years and youth sports activist; Ken Morse, City of Ontario, Senior center volunteer, nursing home volunteer, Kiwanis Club member, homeless advocate, child mentor and charitable drives organizer; Terrance Stone, City of San Bernardino, President, CEO, and Executive Director of Young Visionaries Youth Leadership Academy and Chair of the Inland Empire Minority-led Resource Development Coalition; and Artist Gilbert, 32nd Senate District, Ret. LAPD Officer of 25 years, Army Veteran, Boys and Girls Club of San Bernardino Board Member, Vernon Bragg Toastmasters, Rialto Chamber of Commerce, Company B 1402 Engineers, foster parent recruiter, Blacks in Government member, and mentor of Children of Incarcerated parents.

25 Days Left Until School Begins

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By Jordan Brown

Less than 25 days till I begin high school. My stomach is bubbling up with excitement and anxiety. Summer has been a time for me to gather my thoughts about the new school year and to get ready to become a high school student. High school sounds like it will be very intimidating, much like being an ant at a picnic. But when you get to know more people and your way around the campus, you won’t feel like that anymore. I also feel excited about taking the next step in my education and life. High school shouldn’t make you feel any lesser than you are; here are 4 tips that helped me get prepared for the next school year.

1. One thing that has helped me to get ready is meeting new people also going to my high school. I did this by joining the cheer squad at Pacific High School in San Bernardino. You can join teams or clubs before you start school so you have friends and acquaintances on campus. There are many campus activities, including: The National Honor Society, Drama & Art Club, school athletics and many more that may fit your needs. Ask yourself, what do I want to be involved in?

2. If you’re worried about the work, don’t be. Get your schedule early. I know exactly what to start studying for. I used a very helpful site, Khan Academy. It helps you study in areas of math and science. Also, Quizlet helps you create flash cards for any subject you need. If you can, access your class reading list you know what your in for during English. There are many others, just take time and search for what best fits your needs. In a recent focus group, I asked eight Jack and Jill members from different high schools if they used a study aid or website to help them prepare for their next grade. I concluded that 87% of the group studied so they are prepared for their next grade.

3. Get your parent, guardian, or mentor involved. Their help would be tremendous and they could find out what you need to succeed in high school. Talk to them about upcoming events, homework, and projects so they can be involved. Also, let them meet your teachers and other staff so if anything comes up that concerns your grades or behavior, your parents know what’s going on in your school life.

4. Finally, I suggest you talk to upper classmen from your high school. They can inform you about campus tips. Upper classmen are valuable resources that have the knowledge of their past to pass down to you. No matter what grade your going into, you can use these helpful tips to help ease your way into a new grade, or school.

How to Raise a Reader

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By Kris Perry Executive
Director of First 5 California

Kids start learning from the moment they’re born. In fact, 90 percent of their brain develops in the first five years.

When parents read, sing and talk to their child, the child's brain is filled with words, sounds, and emotions that help make the brain cells grow stronger. This will have a lifelong effect on his ability to learn language and communicate with others.

Reading is an enriching shared activity you can continue for years to come. Get inspired with these tips from First 5 California:

Start at Birth: While your baby doesn’t know what a book is yet, it’s still important to read to your child every day, even for just a few minutes. Choose brightly colored board books that have pictures of familiar objects like toys and animals. Reading will build a stronger bond between the two of you and the words, pictures and stories stimulate the part of your baby’s brain that enables him to learn vocabulary. Be Patient with Toddlers: It can be challenging to get an active, squirming toddler to sit still while you read a book. That’s okay. A toddler’s attention span gets longer, especially once they reach 2 – 2 1/2 years. Read whichever book your child chooses, even if it’s the same one for weeks on end. This repetition is helping your child make connections between words and pictures. Keep on reading even if your toddler stands up or goes to play. It may not seem like it, but your child’s listening as you read aloud.

Engage Preschoolers: Ask “who,” “what,” “where,” “when” and “why” questions to develop analytical and thinking skills. For example, “Who is your favorite character?” or “Where did the hero go?” Move your finger under the words as you read and encourage your child to sound out simple words or phrases with you.

Create a “Book Friendly” Home: Fill the bottom shelves of a bookshelf with kid-friendly books and coloring pages. Stack some books on an end table or coffee table. Encourage daily reading habits with a monthly tracking calendar. Put a star or sticker next to the date on the calendar after daily story time has been completed. Incorporate reading into everyday activities: Make reading a part of your child’s everyday life by reading the world around them. Check off items on your grocery list together and read the food labels on everything from soup cans to cereal boxes while out shopping. Bring books with you wherever you go --keep a few books in your diaper bag to fill time while waiting at the doctor's office or a bus stop.

For more reading tips, visit first5california.com/parents.

New Joy Baptist Church Hosts Two Major Events Car Show and Women's Day 2012 Celebration

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We are inviting the community to attend two major events: New Joy Car Show on Saturday, July 21 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and Women's Day on Sunday, July 22 at 10:15 a.m. New Joy Car Show will have all makes of antique Cars on display. There will be food for sale and lots of fun for everyone.

The next day Sunday, July 22 at 10:15 a.m. will be our Women's Day Celebration. Our guest speaker will be Minister Patricia Ashley an Associate Minister at Faithful Central Bible Church, Los Angeles, where the Bishop Kenneth Ulmer is the Pastor. Min. Ashley is a great, dynamic and outstanding speaker. You will be blessed by her message. Our women's Day Chorus will sing and there will be a Fellowship Dinner after morning service. New Joy Baptist Church is located at 5694 Jurupa Avenue. Rev. Paul S. Munford, Pastor. For more information call 951-779-0088.

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