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The Healthy Heritage Movement

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The Healthy Heritage Movement, which strives to educate and empower the African American community to make healthy lifestyle changes, has partnered with Kaiser Permanente to offer Free Community Health Screenings in Riverside County. Healthy Heritage offers free screening to bring access to care to the underserved and uninsured population by bringing the Kaiser Mobile health unit to the area. The mobile health unit is literally a medical office on wheels, completely staff with a medical health team. It gives the community an opportunity to get an update on their vital health numbers.

Over 120 people were served at two recent Riverside outreaches. Rubidoux Missionary Baptist Church, under the leadership of Senior Pastor Terry Starks and the direction of Health Ministry leader Linda William, 55 of their members were screened and received health education counseling. La Joyce’s Coiffures Hair Therapy Center hosted the community screening at the Kmart Center where over 65 community members were screened. The preventative screening is vital in determining your overall health status. The screening included blood pressure checks, body mass index count, diabetes and cholesterol screening and nutrition and emotional wellness counseling.

Phyllis Clark, CEO of Health Heritage said in this slow economy many people are finding it difficult to address their health issues, “I think it is important for everyone to pull their resources together and provide services to those that find themselves without. More and more people need help these days. Healthy Heritage is here to bring resources to the community,” states Clark.

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