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Mary Ruth Townsend recognized as District 62 Woman of the Year

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Mary Ruth Townsend, a community activist, paralegal and financial steward of the Precinct Reporter, was honored Monday as District 62 "Woman of the Year" before the State Assembly in Sacramento.

From the era of segregation to today, Mrs. Townsend of San Bernardino has always advocated on behalf of the vulnerable and less fortunate in her community.

"Being among women from the other State Assembly Districts, who have accomplished so much, it was really an honor to be included," Townsend said.

"I've always felt I just did what had to be done, what I was expected to do, without any thought of anyone noticing," Mrs. Townsend said. "I've been lucky all my life in so many ways. My teachers had a great influence on my life."

District 62 Assembly Member Wilmer Amina Carter, who selected Mrs. Townsend for the statewide recognition, said, "Many incredible women from across the state were honored, giving a whole new dimension to community service. I honored Mrs. Townsend because of her persistence and perseverance to keep a successful company going, and for her long record of community service."

Assembly Member Carter added, "Mrs. Townsend has major responsibilities at the newspaper and in the community, yet she is willing to do the small things that get the job done and show that she cares."

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