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A Soldier’s Letter to Grandma

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From Kuwait to Lake Elsinore

Letter from PFC Dwayne L. Williams , II U.S.M.C to his grandmother Lake Elsinore School Board Member and NAACP President Sonja Wilson


Hi, how’s everything back home? It’s ok out here, I’m currently out in the desert of Kuwait 25 miles away from the border of Iraq. We might be out here for 6 months or maybe longer.

We have just been working long hours, we wake up everyday at 0500 and work sometimes till 10:00 p.m. or later. We are getting everything ready so that when it comes time for the war to start we will be ready to just go.

Other than that there isn’t really much more to tell you about. Tell Uncle Ricky, Uncle Devon, Sean, Grandpa Billy, and everybody I’m fine, I’m surviving, make sure they all get the address out here so they can send me pictures to lift my spirits. Letters and pictures are what makes my days better.

Well Grandma you take care now. I hope to hear from you soon. Tell everyone I couldn’t write them all because I only have so much time cause we work so much, but they can still write me.

Bye Grandma and thanks for being there for me.

Love your grandson,
Dwayne, II

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