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Former Paramedic Challenged to Fight Crime

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Although Kimberly Brown had been a successful paramedic for twelve years, she saw a need in law enforcement. One day a fellow firefighter challenged her to make a difference.

Kimberly began applying for various positions in the Sheriff’s Department. Her shift comrades at the fire station helped her prepare for the exams. Finally, Kimberly was hired. Because she was already disciplined and in great physical shape, Deputy Brown looked forward to the academy.

Deputy Brown says her experience with the academy was great. She describes the process as psychologically strengthening. Kimberly said, “The academy teaches discipline. I developed life-long friendships. The academy breaks you down and builds you up, which creates a powerful bond.”

Kimberly said it was tremendously fulfilling to watch people say, I don’t know if I can do this. And then watch them not only do it, but change in the process. She learned that this process is necessary because the job can be psychologically and emotionally challenging. For example, if you have been used to a particular lifestyle, it may be shocking to see roach infested homes. Or to see a family so poor they have to make a decision between paying a ticket and feeding their family.

During her fourteen years of faithful service in the Sheriff’s Department, she flew in a helicopter for two years as an observer.
Deputy Brown has worn many hats to serve the public including, being a confidante’, minister, mommy, friend, savior, and baby sitter (which included changing diapers).

According to Kimberly, one of her most unusual experiences was while she was working on a Security Team Project at Riverside County Regional Medical Center. Upon entering the waiting room, she smelled barbeque. A family of non-American decent were cooking beans, rice and meat on a hibachi in the middle of the floor.

Another unusual experience for Kimberly was posing as a prostitute to catch a serial killer who had killed numerous prostitutes. Her assignment ended when an officer just patrolling his beat area searched a man’s vehicle and found overwhelming evidence. The officer simply had followed his intuition and was extremely familiar with the area and people.

One of Deputy Brown’s most memorable experiences was when she pulled a man out of a burning car spontaneously without thought. She received a “Life Saving” medal because of her heroic act. Her former paramedic career helped to prepare her for this traumatic event.

Through research, Kimberly discovered that the greatest factor related to crime trend increase is the condition of the economy. If the economy is doing well, there is an overall decrease in crime and if the economy is doing bad, there is an overall increase in crime. However, season, weather, time of day, and demographics make a significant difference as well.

Deputy Kimberly Brown is delighted that she accepted a challenge to change, fourteen years ago. Kimberly has discovered the awesome experience of stepping up and making a difference where you can.

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