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Sergeant Gains Trust Through Honesty And Compassion

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Sergeant Lori Marquette has found her niche in law enforcement because she enjoys the challenge of being an officer people can always count on.

Sergeant Marquette has been with the force since April 1984. At twenty-one, Lori was inspired to join the force after taking a ride-along with the Newport Beach Police Department, while working as a legal secretary.

She applied for the Orange County Sheriff Department and did not pass the first oral interview. Upon the recommendation of another sergeant, she became a reserve officer in Irvine during 1983. Upon completing some academy justice courses, she reapplied.

Lori Marquette became an officer at the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in April of 1984. One of her first assignments was the Long Distance Bike Race in the 1984 Olympics. She has since attended the Olympics in Atlanta and Sydney, Australia.
In 1989, she transferred to the personnel division at the Crestpoint Heights Facility in Riverside, California.

According to Sergeant Marquette, “people depend on officers and need to know they can trust them. Therefore, officers must remain professional, open-minded, compassionate and honest at all times.”

Marquette will complete her Master’s Degree in criminal justice this summer. She said she is considering continuing her education to work towards another Master’s Degree or a PhD, which would not be too big a stretch for Lori since she loves and welcomes a challenge. Lori finds school to be very stimulating. She believes it has helped her to embrace people.

Two of Lori’s most unusual experiences were when the Sheriff’s Department raided a prostitution ring in 2002 at a Norco Golf Course. The other incident occurred in 1999, when Lori and another officer found a 6-year-old girl who had been chained up all of her life. Both events received a lot of media coverage.

Lori enjoyed the challenge of completing the academy, not to mention the joy of finishing number three out of thirty. She said she was treated very well throughout the experience.

She believes her determination and the support of her classmates helped her to succeed. Part of her physical test was to drag a 165 lb. dummy, climb a 100-foot wall, and push a patrol car. Lori says the tests are not quite as physical as they once were.

Although Lori has never experienced racism, she admits that it took some time for others to be comfortable with her as a female beat partner. She said she gained some respect when she caught a burglar who had been burglarizing a retail store for weeks.

Lori has found that many people are very thankful and appreciative of the Sheriff’s Department. In fact, she said the letters and cards received are more fulfilling than awards.

Although Sergeant Marquette looks forward to becoming a lieutenant, she is enjoying becoming a well-rounded sergeant. In July, Marquette will have been in law enforcement for 19 years.

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