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Farrakhan Warns: This War Will End America

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By Cheryl Brown

Saying God always sends a messenger to warn the people and the government about pending peril Minister Louis –Farrakhan said this is his "final call."

People will not hear from him unless it is imperative for him to speak out on a given subject. He warned America Sunday in his Annual Savior’s Day message telecast in 100 locations across the nation, "Bush’s pending war is the beginning of the end of America.”

Nearly 1000 people came to Raincross Square in Riverside to hear the Minister. Farrakhan said he was suffering from the effects of an infection from radiation treatment that he had two years ago fighting prostate cancer. He said for the past five weeks he has been bedridden, having to be carried or shuttled in a wheelchair. His voice was strong and his message was more urgent than ever before.

While he was bedridden he saw how the Black Church is coming together to oppose the pending war. He said tears ran down his face when he viewed the Tavis Smiley/Tom Joyner forum on the Black Church televised recently on CSPAN. He called individual names of pastors who said they had to speak out in opposition and that no Faith Based Initiative [Bush’s strategy to give government money to control the church] would buy off their silence.

He spoke of White supremacy, not White devils, and explained that it was necessary for Elijah Mohammad to refer to Whites as devils in the 60’s. He said that we were fighting them for our civil rights. Malcolm X used to be so hard on White college students so they would know what is was like when they came into positions of power.

Now the issue is the young Black next door, who has no respect for human life, let alone the life of senior citizens. This he said sadly is what we are facing: our own children.
He told his audience they should read about the conflict in the Middle East, the historic significance is found in the Bible and the Koran. It is about Abraham and Ishmael. It is written about in all of the holy texts.

He believes the Afghanistan conflict is a ploy to get a pipeline for Union Oil and said that Vice President Cheney is on the Board of Directors. ""It is about the oil!" he said. “If it wasn’t, why is it there is no connection to 911 in Iraq, and the missiles he (Bush) is touting that they found can only go 92 miles that won’t even get out of the country (of Iraq).

North Korea, on the other hand, boldly told you that they have a nuclear bomb and they can reach the shores of the United States with it. Why are we not as concerned about them? How can we fight so many wars at once? Once we bomb Iraq that will start the war that the scriptures, the Bible, and Koran speak about. It is the beginning of the end.

This is the end of 6,000 years. There will be no turning back. I admire Colin Powell and I admire Condoleezza Rice but they will have to pay for what they are doing as well," he said.

Speaking of religion he said, "Bush says radical Muslims are hijacking Islam, well Bush is hijacking Christianity and Netanyahu is hijacking Judaism."

The audience responded to the Minister, as if he were there in person after a while not even realizing he wasn’t. They were traditional in his call and their response.

Minister Farrakhan said that the doctor told him to rest and not to preach so hard but it took one hour for him to “warm up, another to put a little ‘something-something’ on your mind and almost another to reinforce it.” He went strong for almost three hours and never once had to use the chair that was there just in case.

Proud of their leader, ministers of the local mosques, were pleased with the community response and of course ecstatic with the Minister’s message. Now they are planning the 100,000 Men March called by the Honorable Minister Tony Muhammad for Los Angeles, May 24, 2003.

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