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Leaders Converge on the Mountaintop to Take BOSS to the Next Level

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By C n’ R IMAGES (Candice Burnett and Ramonda Fisher)

Nearly twenty leaders and Pastors from all over the globe recently came together at the Four-Star Alhatti Private Christian Resort on the beautiful mountaintop of Idyllwild, California, to embrace BOSS The Movement at the last Vertical Leap Life Changing Seminar of 2002.

Al and Hattie Hollingsworth, founders and instructors of BOSS The Movement, were graced by the presence of Bernice King, daughter of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and her assistant De Leice Drane from Atlanta, Georgia; Dr. Samuel Moonzwe and Mrs. Maude Moonzwe represented the African nation of Zambia; Deborah Bartlett, founder of CEO Network and Brand New Hope; and Pastor Mattie Nottage, a major Christian youth leader with Believers Faith Outreach Ministries represented the Bahamas.

Pastors and leaders were also present from Florida, New York, California, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Las Vegas, Nevada.
BOSS The Movement, an acronym for Building on Spiritual Substance, is a biblically based entrepreneurial leadership curriculum.

It is geared toward children ages 7 to 19, The lesson plan teaches youth business skills, provides opportunities to earn income for college, and develops leadership skills. Locally, BOSS The Movement classes for youth are held at churches, community centers, organizations and colleges.
Vertical Leap is a biblically based Adult Success Training seminar.

It is essentially a power packed spiritual boot camp, which will wake up the purpose God placed inside of you. The economic component includes teaching on Problem Solving, Cash Flow, Business Plans, Financial Reports, Time Management and Profit and Loss. Vertical Leap is the first step required for any adults who are interested in becoming a “paid” Certified Trainer for BOSS The Movement.

The Vertical Leap Seminar for adults is held every month at alternating locations including the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles, CA; the Alhatti Private Christian Resort in Idyllwild, CA; and at the BOSS The Movement Headquarters in Chino, CA.

Churches and organizations may also request the Vertical Leap Accelerated Training Course, which simply means that Vertical Leap comes to your church or organization.

This final seminar served as a launching pad for the explosion of BOSS The Movement programs. January and February will mark the explosion of BOSS The Movement programs that have began cropping up all over Southern California, the states and in other parts of the world.

George Hernandez, Minister of Training, stated that the importance of the ten pledges that are taught in both Vertical Leap and BOSS The Movement are that they serve as a midwife to birth dreams, visions and ideas. George says that BOSS programs are designed to empower youth as leaders so they may began to move into their God given purpose. The economic component allows youth to generate income to invest into the purpose of fulfilling their vision.

According to Master Trainer, Alice Hill, one of the most important principles taught is that everything is connected to worship. In fact, the central key to unifying teaching is worship.

It is through our praise and worship that a connection to God occurs where He downloads dreams, visions and ideas. Alice is blessed by witnessing this leadership seminar change lives each month, but she is amazed by how God has systematically brought together specific leaders.

Tami Outterbridge, Minister of Communications says that leaders had their lives changed personally and committed to take BOSS The Movement back to their respective cities and countries because of the life-changing power of the principles that are taught at Vertical Leap.

Debra Bartlett of Brand New Hope has partnered with BOSS The Movement by spearheading the birthing of BOSS programs in the Caribbean. The prime minister has officially sanctioned the program in the Bahamas.

Al often referred to as “Coach” said that BOSS The Movement is named a movement instead of a program, because it is a “New Movement” and also because programs come and go, but a movement changes a culture. It is the affirmative action of economic empowerment through technology.

Many youth are chaotically expending energy and producing very little return. BOSS trains youth to harness and convert their efforts into a productive channel of economic empowerment. BOSS the Movement is an economic vehicle to drive change to the nation.

“I believe that in many ways, BOSS The Movement has a connection back into what God was doing through the Civil Rights movement, said Bernice King. On April 3, 1968, my father pronounced his last words, which essentially were, “I have been to the mountaintop.

I’ve looked over and I’ve seen the promise land. I may not get there with you, but we as a people will get to the promise land. What many people don’t realize is that the phase of the movement that my father was working on was the whole distribution of wealth in America and ultimately in the world.

In so many ways, he was dealing with economics.”
Bernice further stated, “I believe we as a church have failed in many ways because we never understood that we were to be part of a commerce. Historically, commerce has been handled through highways and freeways and now through airplanes.

But God is utilizing the internet to put the church back in its proper place. And BOSS The Movement is God’s vehicle for this change because the program utilizes the information highway to connect us into commerce. This also places us back on top as the head and not the tail, the lenders and not the borrowers.”

The economic component of BOSS The Movement makes it unique from any other wonderful “programs” that are available to youth. There is no cost to enroll and each student earns money for college through BOSS The Movement’s online shopping mall, where students earn income and are given their own business cards and an ATM card.

Family members can support them and help them to earn income by simply entering the student’s ID number whenever they make a purchase while shopping online at www.bossthemovement.com.

With all the youth-spurred violence that is happening in our communities and when everyone is asking, “What is becoming of our children?” and “How do we save them? BOSS The Movement has the answer.

For example, before BOSS, Lorenzo’s grades were going down hill! His mother, Gillian Smith attributes the jump from her son’s C’s and D’s to A’s and B’s to his participation in BOSS The Movement. She says that the change in him is astonishing, and that she feels he is truly a “testimony” for the power of the Christ-centered principles that are taught in the program Lorenzo is also MVP of the flag football team.

He just made 13-15 year old Wooden Bat Baseball league and he ministers to other kids at his school now (demonstrating that he is a leader among his peers)
BOSS The Movement is looking for Pastors who would like to host programs at their church, or community organizations that would like to host programs at their facility as well as committed men and women of integrity, twenty-one and over, who would like to become a “paid” Certified BOSS The Movement Trainers.

The ministry will train you to conduct a program and evangelize your community and train youth in Purpose and Kingdom Economics through a Vertical Leap Seminar.
Vertical Leap is a monthly Life Changing Seminar designed for anyone who desires to become a powerful leader.

Free training is available at USC January 24-26, 2003 or February 28- March 2, 2003. Free training, not including accommodations, is available at Alhatti Christian Resort March 31- April 3, 2003. To change your life or for more information, BOSS The Movement can be reached at (909) 861-3846 or log on to www.bossthemovement.com. .

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