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Governor Rejects Request

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Susan Moloney, now in her 44th day of a hunger strike, has been refused a meeting with Governor Davis. Moloney, Executive Director of the Campaign for Old Growth, is pressing the Governor to keep his four-year old campaign promise to protect California’s old-growth trees.

“By rejecting Susan’s formal request for a meeting, Governor Davis has squandered the opportunity for dialogue and agreement, and now bears the responsibility for Susan’s health along with the survival of the last 3% of Old-Growth Trees remaining in California,” said Dan Hamburg, Former North Coast Congressman and Executive Director of Voice of the Environment.
“This brave woman has put her body on the line to remind the Governor that he has failed to keep his promise. The Governor has a responsibility to keep his promises, to protect our environment and to meet the concerns of all the people in California, not just the factions that line his campaign coffers with donations,’ states Kent Stromsmoe of the Forestry Monitoring Project.
In a March 1998 address to the Planning and Conservation League, the gubernatorial candidate Gray Davis pledged to ensure that, “all old-growth trees are spared from the lumberjack’s axe.” Despite Davis’s promise the slaughter of California’s old-growth heritage trees continues, and has even accelerated.

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