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San Bernardino Holds Community Summit

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San Bernardino

By Lynn Lee

“Renewing our spirit, uniting our community” was the theme that over 350 residents of San Bernardino heard at the one day community summit held at the Radisson Hotel and Convention Center last week.

The event was co-sponsored by San Bernardino Mayor Judith Valles and Police Chief Garrett Zimmon.
Lt. Ted Henson of the San Bernardino Police Department opened the program. He was identified as one of the key people that orchestrated this positive venture. The program included church and faith-based organizations and the cadet corps from Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, which did a stunning presentation of the colors.
Mayor Judith Valles introduced State Attorney General Bill Lockyer, with promising words of encouragement.
The workshops echoed the theme and panel members represented various sectors of the community: elected officials, police, school districts, religious and nonprofit organizations.
Other workshop topics were: I.D. theft; graffiti and gangs; creating opportunities; taking care of business; cross-cultural communication; the media, homeland security; and churches and faith-based organizations.
Keynote speaker Dr. Herb Fisher, Superintendent of San Bernardino County Schools spoke on “What About the Children.” Faith, family, education and change were intertwined throughout his speech. His vision for San Bernardino County Schools is to change “class by class, school by school, district by district.”

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