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Davis Rallies Supporters in Inland Empire

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Speaking to the working men and women of the Inland Empire, Governor Gray Davis said California's workforce is the soul and strength of our economy.

"Brothers and sisters, we've achieved so much together," Davis said rallying supporters at the San Bernardino and Riverside Counties Central Labor Council union hall. "I'm proud to have your support. I'm going to need every one of you to beat the pavement, knock on doors and get out the vote. With your help, we will prevail." According to union leadership, under Davis' leadership, California has strengthened employee rights and made California's workplace safety laws the strongest in the nation. He's raised the minimum wage, expanded unemployment benefits, improved family and medical leave, restored the 8-hour work day and expanded the Healthy Families program to cover more children of working families. "Gray Davis has earned our unconditional support," added Laurie Stalnaker, executive secretary-treasurer of the central labor council. "Our council and our many dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers look forward to a successful campaign that will return Governor Davis to Sacramento in 2002." The San Bernardino and Riverside labor council, second largest in the state, represents 161,000 union employees in the Inland Empire.
Davis' effort on behalf of working families has earned him the support of several international, national, regional and local labor organizations, including the California Labor Federation, which represents more than 2.1 million union members in diverse communities and sectors of the State's economy. Davis also counts among his supporters several big-city mayors, public safety and victim's rights groups, Democratic clubs and education groups like the California Teachers Association.

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