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Beyond the Stage: T.L. Fitz Looks to the Future

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By Belinda Ofordire

Coming to the Stage is a reality show on BET where comedians compete to see who has what it takes to make it in the comedy business.

The winner of the show will receive a 30-minute BET special. This BET show, hosted by Mark Curry, features an array of different comedians from across America and star guest judges such as Kim Coles.

One of the show’s break-out stars was T.L. Fitz, a native of Washington, DC, who auditioned for the show hoping it would be his big break. We caught up with him at the BET Awards to discuss what has happened since the show has ended, and how it has changed his life.

BVN: How was your experience on the show?

T.L. Fitz: Life changing. It actually was life changing. I went from being able to go in the grocery store and buy my cornflakes to everybody stepping to me. You know what I mean? From the grocery store, the gas station, at church. You know what I mean?

BVN: Yeah. So, how has the aspect of your career changed since being on the show?

Fitz: Oh, yeah. Now, the calls for me to come out to LA have been higher because people want to put me on, now

BVN: So do you stay in LA now?

Fitz: I will be in LA September 04.

BVN: So you actually still live in DC.

Fitz: I actually do.

BVN: How did you come to be on Coming to the Stage?

Fitz: We actually auditioned in DC and I was picked out of 600. I was 1 in 600 to be on the show.

BVN: Oh, really.

Fitz: And that was a blessing cause I was number one to come out. That’s a trivia question: The first person ever to come out was?

BVN: What place did you get on Coming to the Stage?

Fitz: I was actually in the semi-finals, so I finished fourth, technically. But always first in my heart.

BVN: Awww, that’s sweet. Other contestants from the show went on to do BET’s Comic View. Will you be doing that in the future?

Fitz: Yes, I will be doing Comic View this year actually when I come out here in September. I will be doing Comic View and it’s on from there.

BVN: Ok. Have you done any shows or plan on doing any shows soon? Or any tours?

Fitz: Oh yeah, I’ve actually been on tour since last year. We’ve been working everywhere. Up and down the coast. Actually went to Canada as a matter of fact. I performed in Toronto. That’s why I said it changed my life.

BVN: You know how on American Idol the contestants get together and go on tour? Do you guys plan on doing anything like that?

Fitz: We are. It’s myself, Denny Live, and Alex Scott. Those are the guys that were on the show and we have done several shows together as well.

BVN: Oh ok, that’s cool.

Fitz: Yeah, it’s a bond now.

BVN: So how long have you been trying to get in the business?

Fitz: I’ve been in this business believe it or not eight years. It took eight years for people to see who I really am. I’m ready now. Now the next eight years I’m ready to take over.

BVN: That’s what you got to do. So why are you here today?

Fitz: Well, I’m here as a media consultant for BET. But next year I’m red carpet. If I got to fight someone I’m red carpet.

BVN: Do you plan to go into acting like Martin Lawrence or Eddie Murphy have?

Fitz: Yes. As a matter of fact, I’m supposed to be shooting a movie when I get back to D.C. called Butterfinger. Beacon Entertainment is shooting a movie Butterfinger and I’m in it. I’m all up in it.

BVN: How big is you part in the movie?

Fitz: My part is big. It’s about two Black guys who rob a bank and their girlfriends give them grief and I’m one of their stupid friends. I try to get them to get spinners on their rides.

BVN: When is the release for that movie?

Fitz: I’m not sure exactly of the release, but we start shooting July 16th.

BVN: Oh ok. Well, good luck with the movie and I hope everything works out for your career.

Fitz: Thank you. I just want to say Black Voice I love you and I appreciate everything.

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