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Sabrina Collins Say's "Face Your Body" with all Natural Line of Homemade Products

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To see Sabrina Collins, one would imagine her a recent transplant from some exotic island. Her glowing dreadlocks, glistening skin and sensual scent belie any indication of aging, children or city living. As the creator of "Face Your Body Aromatherapy -- Healing for the Mind, Body, Spirit" her aura sells and tells it all.

A woman embodied with magic, her all natural line of body products are enchanted jewels of joy.

Black sugar scrubs, seaweed baths, body butters and bath balls are just the tip of the iceberg in a line of products that promote overall healing.

Collins has been in the proverbial kitchen concocting potions since she was 12 years old. Her first successful remedy was a combination of oatmeal, comfrey, honey and her mother's Nature's Gate conditioner. The winning preparation cured her teenage acne and made her a neighborhood wonder!

"I'm blessed to come from a long line of creative women," explains Collins. "My maternal grandmother was a Cherokee Indian who was always in the kitchen, while my paternal grandmother was from 'The Carolinas.' My mother was a hippie-leaning art school grad who made all our clothes while we were growing up. Creating is in my blood."

And create she does. The "Face Your Body" product line includes Paradise bath balls made from Dead Sea salts, essential oils and lavender; a seaweed bath treated in lavender, rosemary and frankincense and body butters that combine various mixtures of shea butter, aloe vera butter, oils and fruit essences. Vegan soaps, sugar scrubs (black and brown), foaming baths, salts, gels and clays are all available for physical, mental and spiritual respite. Each product includes a poem or positive mantra, penned by Collins.

"Women have always been the healers of the planet. My products are simply the follow through on a long line of the tradition of women who have utilized the kitchen as their personal laboratories for healing. In today's crazy world, so many of us don't have the time it takes to do it for ourselves. I'm blessed to be able to spread the magic that Mother Nature so unselfishly shares with us," expresses Collins

For your own cyber scent of "Face Your Body Aromatherapy" go to www.faceyourbody.com. Or call Collins at (323) 960-5540.

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