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Spencer for Hire :: A Handshake

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Remember when your word and a handshake was all it took? That was all you needed to trust an individual and be assured that a job would be completed to your satisfaction. No contracts, no agreements, no doubting of character or intentions.

Your word was your bond and a promise that would not be broken. Boy, have times changed. Now everything has to be in writing and notarized because we have been trained to trust no one. Not our kids, friends, family, associates or ourselves sometimes. Unfortunately, many out there cannot be trusted and it’s incredibly difficult to let your guard down again once you’ve been deceived.

A friend of mine is in a situation we all can probably identify with at some point in our lives. Here’s the scenario: She’s studying to be a REALTOR and wanted some hands-on experience. She approached a local REALTOR and asked if she would be willing to mentor her in exchange for leads she had and free assistance work (run errands, type, file paperwork, etc). The REALTOR fully agreed and the partnership was in full swing.

To consummate the team, my friend gave the REALTOR a listing on the condition that they would split the commission 50/50. The REALTOR would teach, she would learn and everyone would be happy…or so we thought.

The REALTOR took the listing, sold the home and was paid a commission of approximately $9,000.00. She did not mention or split the money with my friend. After several weeks of trying to track her down, the REALTOR claimed she GAVE the entire commission to the buyer’s of the home to help them with the closing cost (extremely unusual in this industry).

My friend shook the REALTOR’S hand and took her word that she would honor their verbal agreement. That should have been it.

Has our society become so callous and distrustful that it requires a legal document to get a person to keep their word? Have we forgotten to consider the other person when we make choices on the freeway like speeding up to prevent the other car in the next lane from merging into ours?

What about when we hit our high beams at the car in front of us because we think they are going too slow for our liking? How many of us have made that person behind us at the grocery store with one or two items wait behind our full cart and us. Where has the common decency towards our fellow man gone? Why the drama? Why do we care more about what is happening to the people on the “REALITY TV shows” than we do for our next-door neighbor?

My friend is a single mom and she wasn't planning an elaborate Christmas with that money or even buying that latest outfit, she going to put it in a savings account to start saving for a house, something she could leave to her three kids. Instead of her being angry she prayed about it, vented to me and then made this simple statement.

"Maybe she needed the money more than I did, I wish the REALTOR the best”. Wow, she let go and let GOD. This new year, make an effort to be kind and courteous. Please, thank you, hello and excuse me are still wonderful words that people love to hear. It will bring peace in your homes and in our community.

As for the unscrupulous REALTOR: Some may think they can get over on others, but GOD protects his flock and has the last word. Happy Holidays. See you next week.

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