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Training Your Dog

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By Paul Reedy

With more and more Black professionals entering today’s workforce, we are now having to answer some questions that many of our parents did not have to address. We are also branching out into other recreational activities and hobbies that in the past have not been seen as something that “we” do.

Most of us could think of a few of those activities right off the top of our heads: golf, tennis, swimming, just to name a few. I would like to add one more area of interest. Dogs! Yes, Dogs! There are many activities and events that we can participate in with our dogs that our community is not aware of.

Oftentimes when people buy a home, one of the first things they do is get a dog. With the number of homes in Riverside County and the surrounding areas growing, and with more African Americans buying those homes, it is conceivable that a lot more African American households will have dogs. Some for the first time.

Owning a dog, especially for the first time, can be frustrating. Some may have had dogs for years and over the years have had questions that have never been answered.
If your parents were anything like mine, their concept of owning a dog was it may have only eaten bones and whatever was leftover from your dinner plate. It never went to the vet and it may have lived its entire life chained to a tree.

Therefore, you may have questions about: Where can I get a good dog? Once I get the dog what kind of medical needs does it have? What do I do with it once I get it home? Should I enroll my dog in obedience classes? What kind of food does it need?

In the following months, I (with the help of you the readers) will answer these touchy questions. And in the process generate thought provoking dialogue that will help us all become better dog owners.

Paul Reedy is a new Urban Chic columnist. He was in law enforcement from 1994-2001. He decided to venture out into the area of dog training and made a point to do everything in his power to increase his knowledge of dogs and how they think. He attended Triple Crown Dog Academy and is certified as a Canine Behavior and Training Specialist. In December of 2001, Reedy attended Adlerhorst International for additional training as a police dog handler. For questions about your dog contact Paul at urbanchic@blackvoicenews.com

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