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As women we are classified as nurturers. We are looked upon as the emotional caregivers. While these are good qualities to be known for; it can also be a burden. It seems as if we are not only supposed to give this kind of care giving to our children, but also to our mates. It seems as if human males is the only species that is in search of another caretaker once they are detached from their mothers.

It is not only the person but society which says this is okay. Think about how often you have heard a man say, “I need a woman who will take care of me.” It’s also cliché to hear, “She’s gotta cook like my mama.” And when you meet a man’s mother it’s like getting the approval to carry the torch. She scopes you out to make sure you’ll be able to take care of her son.

All too often women are given the responsibility of looking out for their man and making sure he doesn’t get into any trouble. It even gets to the point where we have to make the decisions for him and tell him what to do. The huge problem with this is that no one wants to be a nagging wife/girlfriend.

When someone gives you a list of qualities they aspire to be, nagging is never one of them. Yet, some men still want us to be in this position. That is when we really start to act like a mother and he steps into the child position.

The way to stop this is to show us that you can make sound decision on your own. Come home at reasonable hours, pick halfway decent friends, and clean up after yourself. These things will make our lives a whole lot easier because we really don’t want to be another mother to you. We are just being our caretaking selves.

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