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All Men Aren’t Dogs

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Submitted by Urban Chic reader James Hicks

All too often we hear what all men want from women, or how all men are the same, “they’re all looking for the same thing.” Contrary to popular opinion, there are some good men in the world, but they are not up in the club. I for one have more respect for anyone with whom I spend a great deal of time with, especially when it comes to women.

Like many young men, I grew up in a household dominated by women, so naturally I learned to respect women at an early age. My first relationship lasted for six years. We were great friends, supported and respected each other. I learned a great deal about relationships and I became a respectable man.

To this day I remain that way and hope to find a soulmate that is also respectable.

I know it’s hard to believe, but ladies we are out there. We may not be financially stable, but give us time and encouragement and we will become great filmmakers, lawyers and doctors. We may live at home with our family, but that is because we love them. We may not have a car, but that has never stopped us from taking the beach train for a lobster bake or headin’ to the ranch for a ponderosa.

We may be waiters, bartenders or taxi drivers with great dreams, but great dreams require greater sacrifice. What we need is a soulmate that unconditionally loves, cares and understands what it takes to make a great friend and a great man.

Maybe its time for those independent women to begin looking for substance instead of collateral, after all they’re independent right?

Perhaps they may find that perfect marriage. Perhaps they will inspire that man to an infinite degree of success. Perhaps that is the missing ingredient. It has been said that behind every great man is a great woman, so ladies if you’re really looking for a great man, then step up to the plate and let us serve you.

Urban Chic reader James Hicks is an aspiring writer and can be reached at jimmyhhicks@aol.com.

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