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I remember being young and watching cartoons about cavemen. It used to amaze me how the man would just take a club and hit the woman over the head, she would see stars, and then he would drag her off. Now that I’m older I am even more amazed that they showed this to children. The crazy thing about it is that there is actually some link between today and the caveman mentality depicted in cartoons.

Lots of time we look for someone to make us see stars. The difference is that now-a-days we don’t have to be clubbed upside the head in order to see stars. We can get star struck by cars or homes. Even things like attire have some of us wanting to be dragged off somewhere. I’m just saying this to pose a question. Have we really evolved pass the caveman mentality?

In today’s society we, as women, are looking to get clubbed. We are actually waiting for someone to come along and knock us off our feet. The only difference now is that it’s metaphorical instead of literal. A man’s club can now be his swagger, accomplishments, or maybe his way of talking. We are all looking for that certain trait that is important to us. Once the caveman comes along with the right size club, we completely fall for him.

Let me give you a couple of examples. My friend Vanessa met a man about a month ago. His name seems to be the only word coming out of her mouth. Everytime I talk to her, “John, John, John.” Now she’s always talking about his accomplishments. Though the real underlining trait is that he can afford to take her to a lot of nice places and do a lot of nice things. The club that knocked her out was his ability to take her places she’s never been.

In Michelle’s case, in her past relationships she had to deal with baby mama drama. So, the club that knocked her out was meeting a man with no children. In my opinion he is not that great of a person, but that doesn’t matter because I’m not the one getting clubbed by him. She is in la-la-land. This is an example of how a club can be mighty powerful when used on one person yet have no effect when used on someone else.

My opinion is that we have not evolved passed the clubbing caveman mentality; we’re just wearing a new dress. We are looking to be clubbed in a certain type of way. When that way happens to come along we will happily fall and be thrown over the shoulder of the possessor.

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