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It Is What It Is

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While sitting in a restaurant, I overheard some men talking. “Women are just like cars”. When I heard that my ears automatically stood at attention. I wanted to know how the comparisons were made. I heard all kinds of weird things like: “they need their oil changed every 3,000 miles”, we gotta give tune-ups”.

I even heard one say, “Most of them need wheel alignments”. With all that said the comment that most intrigued me was, “… that’s when you trade it in for a newer one”. This comment made me start thinking. Do men really see women as dispensable as cars? If this is true, how do we parallel relationships to automotives?

Nightclubs can be looked at as car dealerships; men approach us and strike up conversation to find out what features we have. The date is sort of like the test drive; they can go on many just to see which one they really want. Once you start a relationship, the car is purchased. So do we see our little conflicts as flat tires? Or getting bored with the relationship as running out of gas? I’m not sure but it makes me wonder – what can women liken men to in our lives?

At first I started off with clothes but I love to shop and a girl can never have too many clothes; so that didn’t work out. Next, I thought about hairstyles (after all our hair – like our men – are a reflection of us); some of us change up often and some of us keep the same one for years.

I even took it as far cutting it short relating to cutting a relationship short and extensions as adding on to the relationship. Our friends and family would be hairstylists telling us what we should or shouldn’t do. Then when I got to wigs it got too confusing. Then, I went on to many other things; ranging from pets to make-up. Yes make-up. I just kept coming up with the conclusion.

It just doesn’t work. That’s when I realized that analogies don’t always work. Maybe relationships between men and women are just that. There is no comparison or likening them to any thing else. We often hear people say, “Men are just like…” but what are they really just like. In my quest I found that there is no comparison to a man. And as for likening women to cars, that’s just outrageous. I have never needed my radiator flushed.

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