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Spencer for Hire :: Are We the Prey? My answer

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Okay, over the last 3 weeks I asked one single question. Are we the prey? It was a question I really should not be asking but a reality we all should know. With respect to my elders and this publication, I can only answer this one-way “hell yeah”! I’ve seen too many things in my 30 something years to believe otherwise.

When this country is in a recession, Black folks are in a depression, we are the prey. When a Blackman can get beaten in public that just happens to get caught on tape, we are the prey. When a young Blackwoman can get murdered in her car at a gas station and the police officer that killed her can get reinstated and financially compensated for it, we are the prey.

We have more jails and prisons than colleges in this country and Black people fill them by the thousands, we are the prey. When any company can come into our homes that we’ve worked for all our lives and take it right under our noses, we are the prey. When we ignorantly learn how to prey on one another and practice what others have practiced on us not only are we the prey, but also we’re on a collision course with distinction.

Here’s my solution:

1. Educate yourself. Do not put it off. Learn about everything I talked about over the last three weeks. Predatory Lending is a multi-billion dollar business and growing. Sub-prime companies are opening up daily and some may not have our best interest at heart.

The rules and regulations that govern these companies can’t be written fast enough to protect us so arm yourself with knowledge. Learn about credit, bankruptcy, refinancing, investments, land trusts, stocks, bonds, Home Equity Lines Of Credit and any financial material you can get your hands on.

Pick up a book, magazine or news article on any one of these subjects. Buy a video or audio disc on them. Attend a seminar and ask the people who specialize in that field as many questions you can come up with. It’s never too late and you can never have too much knowledge.

2. Stop suffering alone. Tell somebody. I know bankruptcies, foreclosures, losing your home, or going through hard times are emotional and very private issues. It can be devastating to an entire family and our self-esteem. But go to the highest mountain and shout out your problems. Call the police, call your pastor, call a leader in the community, call a stranger if you have too. Do whatever it takes, just don’t bottle in financial stress.

Everyone will go through this at some point in his or her life. Just know it will be all right. As my grandmother use to say, “this too shall pass.” Bounce back or fall forward. Stress is killing too many of us.

3. Refocus your life. First things first, let go and let God. Trying to control and manage everything will kill you. Try these seven magnificent concepts. Master your health, what you wear, where you live, how you transport yourself, what goes into your mind, how you communicate with your family members and set financial goals. Anything else is extra and needs to be put on the shelf of tomorrow.

Are we the Prey? I say, “Hell yeah”! And we have been for well over 400 years in this country. We helped build this nation from the ground up. We fought in the wars and made huge contributions to humanity.

We deserve to have homes, raise families and live in peace. Our fathers and mothers have shed too much blood on and off the battlefield not to be able to enjoy such luxuries. Life, love and the endless pursuit for happiness, right. It’s not the 40 acres and the mule but will it ever be? See you next week.

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