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Kissing The Frog

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Cinderella’s man searched a whole kingdom just to find her. Snow White’s man didn’t lose interest because she had too many male friends. Sleeping Beauty’s (a woman in a coma) man brought her to life with his love. Even Beauty’s man, who was a beast, became a prince in the end.

When we’re growing up as girls, it seems like we are programmed to believe that we will be swept off our feet by our prince. We’d have our very own prince with all the chivalry of the fairy tales. Does every woman (no matter how successful) still have that little girl inside, who wants to be rescued? Also, what happened to the prince and the chivalry?

Sometimes women feel like they are destined to go through the trials and tribulations of dating. It seems like they’re kissing a lot of frogs and not getting a prince in return. I’m not sure if it’s slim pickings or if the frogs are just not ready to change. Nevertheless, us women keep picking up the frogs and searching for our prince.

At a time, it was a popular belief that all a woman needed was to get married. Then the war came and women’s lib and it seems as if chivalry has gone down hill from there. This leaves a lot of woman thinking – just because I want to work doesn’t mean I don’t want to be treated like a lady. Most women still like to have chairs pulled out, doors opened, and a man letting her sit before taking his seat.

Someone who will take us on carriage rides and help us try on shoes. A person who will stick with us through illness and let their love be the light that strengthens us. The man who might be hard on the exterior but allows us to see the prince lying within him. He is our modern day prince and no two are the same. In spite of that, they all somehow share those qualities.

These are things that women want in a man. These are the stories that have been placed in front of us. Of course we realize that our prince isn’t going to come up riding on a horse and whisk us off to be married. That’s not want we want. We do want our princes to treat us like the princesses that we are.

Once that is done we can elevate ourselves to the king and queen level.

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