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Be A Gentle Man

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Be A Gentle Man

If you were walking with your lady and there was a puddle of water. Would you lay your jacket down so she could walk over it?

Sometimes the simple things impress a woman. Men we have gotten away from the simple things. Like opening a door or even pulling a chair away from a table for a lady or even letting a woman stand in a crowded room, and were occupying a seat and don’t offer our chair.

What is it? I know men respect women, because we all came from a woman. Not only did God make Adam, God also made Eve. Eve was formed from Adam’s rib, so that means the side.

So if you look at that simple insert from the bible, it all makes sense women were made to be by our side, not behind, or in front. So next time when your out on the town with your lady, try opening the car door for her or even the door to the restaurant. Men sometimes all we have to do is be gentle. Women are not made rough, so men we don’t have to be.

Being gentle, men we were born with it, so we don’t have to practice it, or learn it, or even teach it, it’s already in us. They say chivalry is dead, I don’t think chivalry is dead. Men we just have to revive it and be gentlemen.

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