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Why do men always have an answer for everything?

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Have you ever noticed that when you are in a relationship or even have male friends that men have an answer for everything? I’m not sure of the answer to this question but maybe my reader’s can help me. why do men have an answer FOR everything?

The "answer to everything" has been associated with men since the beginning of time. As social creatures, men naturally respond with an answer to everything from Apes to Zimas. Even when a question is not being asked, men seem to find a way to respond without the worry of being acknowledged or rebuffed.

Both men and women fall into the same field with the desire to be noticed regardless of any particular topic. The only speculation one can make about men having the answer to everything is that once the conversation starts, men won't stop. It's an ego thing.

Shanee, Youth Development Manager City of Norfolk, Dept. of Neighborhood & Leisure ServicesSimple.

They don't want to be seen as lacking in anything, even the answers. It's partly insecurity (being afraid to say "I don't know") and habit ("I always do it this way and ain't gonna change"). To be found lacking in some area is a way to bring upon a loss of interest, irrationally fearing that a woman you’re interested in may want exactly what you don't have.

So a man must demonstrate that he possesses that quality or that answer even if he doesn't. The equivalent for women is when a very skinny lady thinks she is getting fat when such is not even remotely close to the truth. After all being found lacking by the opposite sex leads to rejection.

So men would rather be unwanted for who they are (someone who has perhaps even the wrong answers, but still has the answers) than someone who lacks even the courage to give the wrong answer. It is an important discovery when a woman finds a man who can say "I don't know" or stop and get directions.

He is truly in love with her, because he trusts his mate enough to openly share his vulnerabilities without fearing they will be used against him. After all, the key ingredient of love is trust.

Brian , Riverside, CA Because they are natural born liars not all of them but the majority of them, lying to women and manipulating women just comes natural.
Tammy, Riverside, CA.

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