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By. Soul Vibrations

Check out your horoscope and view your lucky number's, soul affirmations, and a general weekly forcast.


Your unique energy is urging you in a new direction. Listen to your inner voice and go! You'll be very happy with the outcome if you give your worries up to the universe. Many blessings are available to you if you let go and let the blessings come.

Soul Affirmation: I am open to the changes my impulses call for.

Lucky Numbers: 4, 45, 46


A relaxing week at home might be just the cure for what seems to be troubling you this week. Set aside some time to attune yourself to the sound of your truth. You are an extraordinary teacher; teach yourself a new way of being with yourself this week.

Soul Affirmation: My vision of the world is my truth. I rejoice in it.

Lucky Numbers: 17, 18, 20


Your ideas are windows into the future. You may be feeling a bit strange early in the week, but all you need to do is refine your presentation. Your truth is sound and solid. You can teach with beautiful words.

Soul Affirmation: Big changes are coming and I am ready.

Lucky Numbers: 1, 23, 55


Surprises are on tap this week, and you may be the messenger. Or a new message may come to you; whatever happens, it's going to be pleasant. Base your sense of reality on the pure vision you have in your head.

Soul Affirmation: I bring spiritual greetings to all I meet this week.

Lucky Numbers: 16, 38, 41


This week you need to balance keeping your eyes on the heavens and your head here on earth. Much work needs to be done before you can accomplish the task before you. If you let yourself, you can get a lot done this week.

Soul Affirmation: I enjoy heaven. I love the earth.

Lucky Numbers: 3, 24, 50


Details might trouble you early each day this week, but you don't have to go with that flow of energy. Choose to focus your attention on the fine points and work through each task patiently. Things will work well if you forego daydreams.

Soul Affirmation: The material world is my home this week.

Lucky Numbers: 13, 41, 46


A slight adjustment in your attitude could create a whole new vista for your outlook. What you think is not in conflict with what you do; it simply describes it. Look for a new way to describe your ideas and thoughts.
Soul Affirmation: The world is good to me and so I let it be.

Lucky Numbers: 14, 52, 55


A very pleasant week is in store as peace seems to be the dominant current. Your experience will tell you how best to proceed with a close relationship. Right words and actions can restore all to the previous strength of that relationship.

Soul Affirmation: I plug into peace and let beauty flow.

Lucky Numbers: 19, 36, 42


When friends call, you should answer their requests to join them. You'll have a nice time if you go out with these friends and enjoy lots of camaraderie and good fellowship. You'll be creating energy for a very inspiring venture.

Soul Affirmation: Fun is the order of the week.

Lucky Numbers: 43, 50, 54


Authority issues may arise often this week. Who is in charge? You can handle these thoughts by letting someone else think they are in charge. Listen to some music that fills you with positive vibrations.

Soul Affirmation: I let those who want to be boss feel like the boss.

Lucky Numbers: 33, 39, 40


Strong physical energy this week, friend. Make the most of it and get a lot of the work done that you've been meaning to do. This week's a great week to get around to it! You'll be very pleased at the end of the week with what you have created.

Soul Affirmation: I get done what I've needed to do for a long time.

Lucky Numbers: 1, 43, 45


The need for freedom will be strong this week. Use your powerful imagination to discover a way to feel freer in your current situation. At least in your personal space, let yourself be free and surrounded by objects and vibes that set your spirit soaring.

Soul Affirmation: Feeling free is the essence of being free.

Lucky Numbers: 17, 18, 32

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