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Urbanites Chat

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Dear Regina,

Thank you so much for inviting me to your Urban Chic Party. I couldn't have enjoyed myself more. It was a pleasure meeting Chef Mayes.

He was quite the professional. He took the time to introduce himself to everyone on a one-on-one basis. I thought that was very cool, considering I arrived late.

I certainly enjoyed his cooking. It was superb!

Can you tell me what time that show comes on this week on the food network that he's appearing on? I am afraid that I don't get the chance to watch much tv, but I will make the effort this week to watch Edison.

We had a great conversation and I even got the chance to meet his mom. She was quite proud of her son as any mom would be.
Anyway, I'd appreciate that information when you get the chance. Does he have any books out even? I really did enjoy that Red Snapper dish.

Take care and I look forward to your next gathering. I did hook up with a few people and that's why I say it was a wonderful time. Much love to your mom and you with all you have to do with your Black Voice Newspaper. I look forward to my subscription.

Carla J. Coleman

Edison truly enjoyed meeting everyone at the Black Voice Urban Chic Chef’s Kitchen. He can be seen on Food Network’s “Cooking School Stories,” KCAL 9’s TV Diner, and Soap Talk.

Dear Regina,

As I was reading your article I was a little confused by the definition of love and the way you said that you wasted telling a person "I love you". Love is not something you can control. You can't just turn it on or off.

Most of the time you can't even control you, once you really feel love for another person. Think of all the relationships that people endure for love. I have had a few bad relationships but because I was in love I was not willing to let them go.

Our society has combined love with finance and social status. True love comes from a source within yourself. I have loved the same person for nearly 15 years now, but when I was involved with this person I did not appreciate it until it was over.

Love goes beyond a physical and emotional point. It involves a state of being whole. You know you’re in love when you don't have to question it.

U.S.C.G. MSO Honolulu

Great, it’s good to hear from the men who are protecting our coasts. You sound like a true romantic.

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