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How did I Propose?

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Most young women have waited for that special moment for most of their lives. Recently, Thomas, one of our readers, shared with us how he proposed to his soon to be wife. I thought this would be a great way to end the month.

How did I propose? ...on my birthday (the Feb. 6th), at the "restaurant" we frequented and had our first date.... First, I visited February 4th & 5th to set things up.

At lunch on my birthday I visited [Hof's Hut] with a birthday balloon for myself, a dozen red roses, and a balloon weight blue suede-like bear that cracks at the stomach and can hold a See's chocolate or a diamond engagement ring.

After she gave me my birthday treats, it was time to return the favor--it should be noted on her birthday I asked her to be my girlfriend (Jun 17). So we ate. Upon finishing I excused myself to go to the restroom--or did I go to the restroom?

The plan was now put in action. I took a deep breath because I was setting in motion that which could not be stopped. I returned to the table and, as planned, asked our server, Rachelle, 'do you all do any thing for people having a birthday?'

She disappeared and returned with the others to sing happy birthday; with a piece of cake, a certain balloon, and a certain blue bear (which had a See's candy ribbon tied across its waist).

By the way, Marcia loves See's candy. They sung happy birthday and shared that 'the tradition of their restaurant is to have the guest of the birthday person take the first bite of the candy.... She consented and reluctantly opened the bear.

HER JAW DROPS...HER HANDS COVER HER MOUTH...[UPON THE REALIZATION OF WHAT IS HAPPENING] TEARS & TEARS BEGIN TO FALL. All this time my mouth is shut--not a word. We sat for about 3 minutes (letting her take in the moment)...knowing there is more to come...she's crying during these 3 minutes.

(I manage to sneak a tear in myself; along with others on the scene, including the lady I planted to take pictures).

So when the intensity of this first moment began to diminish, I STOOD...THEN GOT DOWN ON ONE KNEE. The crying was re-ignited and off-beat breathing (reminiscent of hyper-ventilating) accompanied it. I took her hand.

I said, "I love you. I love you because...."(reason 1, 2,3, and so on). She said yes...we kissed...we hugged...the camera flashed...I signaled to have the dozen long-stemmed red roses brought over...and now... ...I'M A FIANCE!!! (as the crowd applauds!) THE END.

What a great ending. Congratulations Thomas and Marcia, we are looking forward to the wedding.

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