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Got Game?

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By Anthony Roberson

Two weeks have passed since Valentine’s Day and some men still have not found Miss Right. Sometimes I find when we are looking for Miss Right, we are looking for a woman that has the same traits and qualities as our mothers.

Growing up I judged my girlfriends by my mother’s approval: if my mama didn’t like her, she didn’t stand a chance.

Now that I’m older and wiser I know what I want and what I need, an independent, beautiful and God fearing woman, just to name a few traits.

A good woman is hard to find and they don’t grow on trees, so men when you are looking for a woman, look beyond her faults and your faults, don’t get blinded by your ego and say my Miss Right is going to be this complexion or this perfect weight.

When looking for her, know your values and beliefs and I am sure you won’t go wrong.

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