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Ditsy Beauty vs. Brainy Beauty

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By Regina Brown

Most women that are educated and doing well for themselves are having a hard time trying to find a good companion.

On the other side of that, girls that are pretty and somewhat ditsy can rake up, and have more men chasing them than a m a t a d o r dressed in all red at a bullfight. So, does this mean that smart girls have to play down their intelligence to find a good man?

After talking to several male's they gave me their perspective of Ditsy Beauty vs. Brainy Beauty. Ranse, 35 said that truly he is looking for a combination of both. He told a little story about his Valentines Day weekend get away, he and a girl he is dating went away for the weekend.

She is working on her Master's degree with a 4.0 GPA and he expressed that she is a real cutie. He said that in the morning when they woke up he needed to iron his clothes; he asked if one was available.

She said, "Yes, would you like me to iron them for you?" And he said YES!!!!! As if this is the perfect submissive woman for him. So women I guess the real answer is we have to stop being one way or another we need to be a combination of both...

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