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Urban Chit Chat :: Rate Yourself

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Where do you fall on the scale? Whether you’re a 1 or 10, or even average, can you still attract an above average guy/girl?

According to a poll that I conducted with UC readers the jury is still out. A male reader asked me to rate myself. I told him that I thought I was a 5, as in an average looking person.

He said that I will only get an average type guy. He also said that if you are 10 and live in Utah you really may only be a 4 or a 5 on the LA scale. He also said that a NYC 10 might be comparable to a LA 10, but LA has the hottest looking women.

I find it shocking to believe that people are still using a shallow approach to finding a mate. Another reader expressed that he can only take a woman who is a 7 or better in public. I asked what made a woman a 7.

His response was: long hair, (not a weave), she can be a cutie, she doesn’t have to be Halle Berry fine but cute, preferably light skin with a nice derriere and a flat stomach.

The rest is intelligence, confidence etc. because once the beauty is gone you still have to be able to drop down not below a 5. So if all of this is true how do you rate yourself? Please send your picture and how you rate yourself to see how the IE measures up on the scale.

Mail to: urbanchic@blackvoice.com or PO Box 1581, Riverside CA, 92502 ATTN: Urban Chic.

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