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Urban Chit Chat

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Regina Brown

Love, what a great topic to start off the month of February. Crazy as it may sound I had a conversation with a friend last week.

We got on the subject of past loves in our lives and he started telling me that I did not know the first thing about love. He said that when you love somebody you would be willing to suck their toes (Yuck).

I told him, that can’t be what love is. This has led me to think, have I ever really been in love? With so many different interpretations of what love is, how can we tell when we are truly in love, or when we are in lust?

I asked some people that I work with what does being in love mean to them? A response that caught my attention was from a man that is happily married, he said, “Love is when you are willing to give 100% for nothing in return and in return you get everything you could have ever wanted.”

He went on to say that most people believe that love is emotion when in fact it is a behavior. So now, for all the wasted “I Love you’s” that I have said and that people may say, how do you know if you have ever really loved and did you really mean it?

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