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So Fresh So Clean

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When you’re wearing a suit it develops a certain confidence within, like you can conquer the world. You’re David, and the world is Goliath and the suit is your armor.

When you wake up in the morning and get in the shower, as soon as you step out of the bathroom you’re thinking “what should I wear?” Now to your room you go. And it’s time to go to war, so you want to look good.

The best armor made for men for the war of today is the simple, classic suit. Some men pick suits based on moods, feelings, emotions, or just because of the look. When picking out what you’re wearing for the day remember the first impression is always the best.

So if you’re trying to win someone over or close the deal, you need the power suit, which for men is mainly a dark colored suit (black, navy, gray). You don’t want to be to flashy: loud colors are a no no in this situation.

You want to come across subtle, preferably a white shirt, with the black suit. Maybe a bold color tie. You’re subtle but your confident and you want to close the deal.

When should you wear the so called “flashy” suit? Basically when you’re out on the town with the fellas. When you need attention or trying to draw it. When you’re out on the town you normally do things out of the norm.

So wearing a loud suit wouldn’t be abnormal in this situation. When I say loud colors I mean burgundy, red, green, orange. When you want to get noticed across the room, you will get noticed with the loud suit.

Either someone will come up to you and ask, what were you thinking? Or they will ask how are you doing?

Basically the thing to remember while putting on a suit is to make sure it fits you, not too big not too small, just right. Make sure the suit is pressed as well as your shirt. Make sure your tie comes down to your belt loop.

You don’t want your tie too short as if it was a clip on, you want it to look like a tie. Make sure you’re wearing the right shoes with the right suit. Your shoes can throw off the whole suit if not done properly.

You don’t want people’s compliments to be “That’s a clean suit but what’s up with your shoes?” Instead let the compliment be “you are so fresh and so clean clean.”

Always wear a belt, and if no belt, suspenders are a must.

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