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Laugh at the immigrant, think again.

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How often have we heard the phrase, "I came to America in search of a better life" from immigrants? In fact, the global consensus is that America (the United States) is the land of opportunity. Better yet, a country where you can start at zero, meaning financially poor, not of the dominate race or class, and low education even, yet still find means to obtain success by being a hard worker and going after the "American Dream" of prosperity. This is the premise for most foreigner people that leave their home country and become American immigrants.

Where's the Beef?

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Where Japan has a hearty appetite for 'cook it yourself' beef barbeque called "yakiniku," the beef is coming elsewhere than from the United States. This is due to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) inspectors failure to understand and comply with Japan's requirements of beef.

Dance and "RIZE"

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On Sunday, January 29, 2006, I went to a Tokyo, Japan movie theater and saw the movie "RIZE." The movie is considered a new release in Japan, where it was probably in it's 3rd to 4th showing week. New releases in the US might be out and shown o­n the silver screen anywhere from o­ne month to six months and sometimes beyond before they are in theaters in Japan. Putting into consideration that "RIZE" is a new release to Japan, and the fact that I watched the movie at a 4:45 PM start time, there was a good audience of near capacity at 180 people viewing the movie.

Travel Steps—Part II

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In the first travel steps, I gave an introduction of myself, my book Black Samurai, and my company WEB International Publishing. Now let me elaborate o­n fundamental steps that I took which enabled me (and will also enable you) to travel locally, domestically, and internationally.

Travel Steps

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By far, travel is o­ne the greatest forms of education. It's enlightening, it's hands-on, and the actual experience itself leaves vivid impressions in our memory bank. Sometimes visiting a neighboring city or State might be just what we need to get back o­n pace and refreshed from our busy schedules. For others, the requirement might be a bit higher. More diverse exposure is necessary. Here, I'm talking about going abroad and visiting a different country. Before I go any further, let me introduce myself and tell you about WEB International--Notes from Abroad.

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