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The Beauty Of Fine Art

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Are you an art lover? If you are, Art Diaspora has an excellent collection. Ramon deSanchez, founder and owner of Art Diaspora, had a vision to bring quality art to African Americans. He conceived this idea in December 2001. By January 11, 2002, the vision came to life. Ramon and his fiancée and also co-owner, Teleshia Taylor came up with the idea for the name of the business after vigilantly exploring the options.

The name of this art collection, Art Diaspora, was derived from the dispersion of art, which is the actual definition. Diaspora is defined as the dispersion of a culture or a people from its original homeland. The mission of Art Diaspora is to disperse African American art to those who display an admiration for the rich and telling art forms.

Ramon has been a lover of several different types of fine art, with a special partiality for African American art, for quite some time. He spent countless days and hours doing extensive study and research. The demand for more of a variety of art arose. Art Diaspora has now ventured out, and now offers many other forms of art, such as: Traditional, Contemporary, Southwest, Wild life, and many other forms.

Ramon and Teleshia invested a generous amount of time doing their homework and finding out what potential customers thought about Art Diaspora. After seeing the response to their art, they were very much encouraged and optimistic. They attended many tradeshows and talked to other business people aspiring to learn as much as they could about business. They also researched specifically how to reach the vendors that specialized in African American art. As a result of Ramon and Teleshia ‘s persistence, they have been able to acquire and develop relationships with vendors all over the world. They pride themselves in offering the most competitive prices.

Ramon also has a heart for donating his art to churches, his community, other communities, and the United Way. He has been generous in also providing monetary donations to the United Way and other entities in the community as well. Ramon really enjoys donating his time to Juneteenth and Black History Month events all over Southern California year after year.

Art Diaspora is unique and is separated from the rest of the art retail industry by its reasonable pricing, its quick turnaround, friendly atmosphere, and high level of service, according to Ramon. In addition, how many owners will travel across the globe to the homes of their clients to ensure that the client is entirely fulfilled with the style of the art selected, and it is appropriate for their décor. That is undeniably outstanding customer service.

Ramon’s future plans are to expand the collection into a permanent retail location in the Temecula Valley area, where the next addition to the collection will be collective figurines by renowned artists such as: Thomas Blackshear, Annie Lee, Brenda Joysmith, accompanied by many others. Art Diaspora has already expanded to the information highway, and will soon be adding the figurines to the existing collection on the site.

To anyone who aspires to start their own business, patience and perseverance are definitely a pre-requisite. Creating relationships with the right businesspeople, gleaning from your mistakes and allowing them to help you grow, respecting and being very helpful to your customers, but most of all, having faith in God, and having the comfort of knowing he will not leave you nor forsake you if you are putting your best foot forward are important elements of success as well.

Ramon’s inspiration in fulfilling his dream is as a result of his faith and trust in God, the support of his fiancée, and his customers who are kind enough to refer him to other potential customers.

If you are interested in the Art Diaspora collection for your home or business, you may contact Ramon & Teleshia at (909) 677-3191 or you may select the art of your choice online at www.artdiaspora.com.

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