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Ebony Crest Owner Passes the Torch After 30 Years

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Congratulations On One Year Of Black Business Coverage


When God orchestrates a relationship, it’s nothing less than perfect! All the pieces fall right into place. What more can you ask for?

March 1, 2003, was a day of transition for Crystal Washington and Edith Prioleau. Edith had previously approached Crystal and asked her to take over Ebony Crest, but Crystal did not accept. She was already on her way to opening up her own salon called Body & Soul, but Edith, a woman of great wisdom had not given up yet! She decided to give it a second shot.

When Crystal approached the Lord with a question of what to do, he told her, “Be still and know that I am God.” He also told her, “I have already made a way for you.” After more prayer and some patience, The Lord gave Crystal a release. On March 1, 2003, Edith’s 30-year Anniversary, she passed the torch! When Crystal transitioned into her ownership position, she experienced a total peace. She and Edith both agreed the transition couldn’t have been any smoother!

In fact, all of the seven operators at Ebony Crest have remained. Over the years, several operators have left to start their own businesses. Amazingly, most have remained with Ebony Crest anywhere from five to twenty years.

After working for Edith fourteen years, Crystal was now officially the new owner of Ebony Crest Beauty Salon. Edith had so much history with the salon and enjoyed working with Crystal so much that she asked if she could return to Ebony Crest as an operator. What a wonderful and unique opportunity. After many years of Crystal gleaning from watching Edith, she now has the honor of carrying the torch.

Crystal is confident she can continue Edith’s legacy. She has learned that great leaders are servants first, not seekers of authority, fortune and fame. A leader must be humble, submissive and ready to protect those that they lead. Of course, having Edith around is a great support.

Crystal describes Edith as, a virtuous businesswoman! If there was ever such a thing as being humble, Edith has definitely displayed it. She has been a very positive influence in Crystal’s life because Edith has shared her pearls of wisdom for fourteen years has remained consistent.

Edith began her career in the hair industry in 1973 working in a salon called Mr.

Reuben’s. Sometime after working there, Edith was approached by a woman by the name of Gwendolyn Streeter, who encouraged her to start her own salon.

Gwendolyn told her there was a need for Black stylists on the east side of Riverside. This was the birth of Ebony Crest Beauty Salon, which means black crown or peak.
Edith bought a salon on 7th Street and started with four operators. She later relocated to University and added two additional operators.

Ebony Crest Beauty Salon is a ministry in that superb training, knowledge and wisdom are freely given. But it doesn’t stop there. The salon makes monetary donations to the community. They recently contributed to Victory Outreach, and paid for a banner for a softball team on which Crystal’s nine-year old God-daughter Stephanie Barnard is a team member.

Crystal is a people person and desires to see people prosper. Her most important goal for Ebony Crest Beauty Salon is to implement what Edith has given to help others be successful. In lieu of having a grand opening, Crystal is planning a “Customer Appreciation Day.”

Naturally, Crystal and Edith attribute their success to God, their dedicated customers, and having a passion for people and hair. In fact, Crystal believes that it takes a creative mind to make customers happy.
The Ebony Crest motto is “If You Can’t Grow It; Sew It, If You Can’t Achieve It; Weave It, and If You Can’t Do It; Glue It.”

Ebony Crest Beauty Salon is located at 3772 Arlington Avenue in Riverside. Owner operator Crystal Washington can be reached at (909) 686-1290.

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