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Businessman Thrusting Forward & Making History

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Do you have those nasty shaving bumps you just can’t seem to get rid of? Guess what? We’ve got just the cure for you, and that is, Nu Boss Shaving products.

Hank Ford, possessing chemistry skills, never used the skills. His wife got tired of hearing him complain about his shaving bumps, so she told Hank, “You’re a chemist, why don’t you come up with something that will cure the problem.” And that’s where the story begins.

Prior to starting Nu Boss, Hank worked for Nestle for twenty-one years and received numerous awards. He was one of the first Black sales representatives for Nestlé’s. They were interviewed by the Makin’ It television show.

Hank later became the first Black salesman at Sperry Rand. He became one of the top five salesmen out of 400 sales representatives across the country.

Hank was also one of the first Blacks to sell K-Mart over $2 million in products within a year. The article was published in the Westchester County Press on July 24, 1986.
After coming up with this amazing razor bump solving concoction, Hank created the shaving product and decided to give his sales pitch to the Marines.

The Marines thought they would give it a try. They agreed to a $30, 000 contract. Four thousand new recruits tried the cream for ninety days and the response was awesome! Not one of them got a bump. Nu Boss then pursued the Navy. The Navy decided to take full advantage of the same opportunity. Their first order was for $100,000.

During this time, Nu Boss was being distributed out of Hank’s garage. His sons and family were helping him fill the orders. Mrs. Ford saw that her husband had really outgrown the garage and insisted on him moving to a warehouse.

Well, not without resistance, Hank began looking for a place large enough to accommodate the demand for his products. Nu Boss has now been distributing from a warehouse since 1999, and is still growing.

The military enjoyed the products so much, they began asking for other products, which caused the Nu Boss product line to then increase and add to their product line. One day a woman asked about bath and body products. As a result, Nu Boss now distributes a set, including an 8 oz. lotion, splash, and body wash.

Hank realizes and believes that packaging is a visual, so it must be appetizing to the consumer. With the right packaging, the product almost sells itself.

Lynwood Laboratories manufactures all of the Nu Boss products. Nu Boss currently ships products to Guam, Puerto Rico, and all over the world. The product can also be found locally at Albertson’s, Food 4 Less, Ralph’s, Sav-on Drugs, and Von’s.

Nu Boss has created a brand new product, men’s genital spray. It is to a man what FDS is to women. It works like a masculine hygiene spray. The spray comes in one fragrance, Vanilla Nut. In the next few months, Nu Boss will be giving away over 100,000 4 oz. bottles of men’s hygiene spray.

Nu Boss has grasped the concept of the principles of sowing and reaping. They have contributed to Juneteenth America, churches including Center of His Will, and donated valuable time to The Idea Club.

What makes Nu Boss products unique is that the shaving product can be used by anyone, regardless of age, gender, or nationality. The result is always effective. Never a bump or a nick.

Hank has accomplished everything he has set out to. However, in the next five years, he desires to see the people working for him independently wealthy. Wouldn’t we all love to have an employer like that, who truly has a heart for his people?

According to Hank, if someone is planning to start a business or they have a business already, they should plan their work, and work their plan! In business, it’s so easy to get off track.

Stay focused on your vision.

Mr. Ford contributes his success to the unending support of his wife, his drive and focus. Mrs. Ford has been very encouraging from the start and always believed in and encouraged Hank. You couldn’t for anything than a spouse who understands how much time you must devote to a vision. Hank says ”She never complains!”

If you have any questions regarding NuBoss products, please contact Hank Ford at (909) 930-2645.

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