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Holiday Beauty Tips

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ImageHolidays are the time of year to glam-up, says Clairol Colormaster Veron Charles. She offers the following recommendations to help you glide through the season stress-free:

*  Find out the dress code of the party you're attending and dress accordingly. Glittery eye makeup is sizzling on the dance floor, but might be a no-no at the annual office party.

*  Let your hair be your glamour statement with a trendy new take on layering that's red hot for the holidays. Lighten several strands of hair that frame your face, then color with a no-ammonia, no peroxide haircolor like Jazzing in a fiery shade like Ruby Red.

*  If you're wearing the basic little black dress, hotwire it by wrapping yourself in one of the inexpensive satin trench coats that are all the rage this season. You'll make an eye-catching entrance. Then settle in to a more sophisticated mood.

*  If you're not sure how much is too much, limit your bling to accessories like a beaded bag, chandelier earrings or chunky, jewel-tone bracelets.

*  Don't wear stiletto heels if you're going to be standing during all or most of the party - no matter how sexy they look!  A pair of dressy patent flats or low heels will ensure you're still smiling and not wincing at the end  of the night.

*  Be careful with makeup. While you can definitely pump up the color on lips, cheeks and eyes at night, be sure to blend carefully. If you have a makeup mirror, try out your finished look in different lights.

"Holidays should be fun times," concludes Veron.  "Whether it's a trim the tree party or a family get together, let your clothes, your hair and your makeup turn heads away from the flickering firelight toward the fiery blazes of you instead!"