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Music is Me...

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By Jarrett "Juice" Lacey

My government name is Jarrett Lacey but my name on the tracks is Ju!c3 from the Formerz.

I was born January 12th, 1989. I have 2 other siblings, one older brother who plays drums, and a younger brother who sings. When I was 6 years old I started playing percussion behind my older brother on drums at church. He had this Roland drum machine he practiced with and he showed me how to create patterns on it and my first beats were on and are still on that drum machine today. Later I think when I was about 11-12 my pops old Frank, who does tech work, introduced me to computer technology. Still, today he'll shoot knowledge about computers but he started me out on the computer and from there I've been producing music and graphics for numerous events and people. I lived in Sacramento Ca. for a year with my aunt who I love and my uncle Russ who plays electric guitar and played bass on the Faith Evans album showed me peace and freedom in the music. When chillin with my uncle I got to go to a real studio for the first time I was hooked. I did my very first complete song in my uncle's studio. I wasn't the greatest at first but my uncle was always supportive no matter how crazy the music sounded. I thank him for that. I moved back to San Bernardino and this new style of dance was out called Krump and all my boys were doin it. The problem was that the music they had with that street dancing feel had a lot of cursing and bad language in it and krump was making a turn for Christ so me and my close friend Traveil Williams who passed summer 2006 decided we can make our own music. We started doing Buck tracks my 10th grade year for our dance group who were called K.O.C at the time. Now we are The Buck Boiz and that was my start on Krump and Buck tracks. I'm from the TRACKFORMERz and for those who don't know what the Formerz are I'll explain. TRACKFORMERz is a production team and we make music of all types but we specialize in Krump and Buck music and we have been on the tracks as a team for over a year now. Recently I scored the Buck World 1 play written by Rickerby Hinds. I dance in it also. I'm currently working on a 2nd BUCK TRACK album with my group Safari Boiz . But being successful in this music is not my dream, its what I'm working to achieve. The way I see it is if I sit sleep dreaming about this when will I wake up and accomplish it. Music is me and success in the music is what I'm working to achieve. Shout out to my mother who I love very much. She made all of this possible.

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