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Inland Empire Women You Should Know

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 In Honor of Women’s History Month

"The empowerment of Black women constitutes ... the empowerment of our entire community."

-- Kimberly Crenshaw, Author & Scholar


This year the editors wanted to honor Women's History Month in a special way, so we decided to return to our roots. For 15 years, the Black Voice News honored Women of Achievement at a special luncheon and annual celebration. We first honored average women in the community who are not only spectacular individuals but women who are committed to helping others through church service, community service, and public service. Eventually we singled out three women in the community of diverse backgrounds to pay special tribute to annually. As the Black Voice News approaches our 35th anniversary, we noticed that with the influx of African-Americans to the Inland Empire we are attracting a diverse group of Black women in various fields -- from business owners to educators  to highly trained professionals. These women are women we should all know in our community as role models and leaders. They are courageous, innovative, creative, and intelligent. And they are your neighbors. As our editors began to work on the project, we soon  discovered that we simply cannot do this in one issue, so please consider this part one. In May, the Black Voice News will present part two of the project -- Inland Empire Women You Should Know.

Click here to see who they are.

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