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Bob Murphy Community Day School Essay Winners Announced

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This year, Black History Month sparked many essay contests.  We were proud to be a part of the Bob Murphy County Community Day School Essay Contest. We saw that these students just needed an outlet and they expressed their thoughts and views through writing. These are the winning essays on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.:

If Everyone Could Get Along
Johnetta Graham

In order for everyone to coexist, we must be able to live together in harmony. This means we must be able to work cooperatively without any racial conflict. We need to be able to go to school without only hanging out with members of our own race. We need to be able to walk in a store and not be judged on our color that we might steal. We should be judged on our knowledge and our character and not our color. The state says that we are equal but we still have not seen an African American, Mexican American, or female president. So..Are we truly equal?

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. went through so much for us to be equal and it is so sad that we are still not as equal as we should be. After giving his life so all people would make an effort to appreciate each other based on our accomplishments, many still make judgments based solely on outward appearances. If there is always room for change, then those people who live a life full of racism must be willing to change generational behavior that has been learned. We are separated at school, not because it is fun but mostly because that is how were taught to stick together. My name is Johnetta and I am Black, but still do not mind hanging out with Mexican Americans, Whites, Chinese and any other race.

I do not look at a person based on their color. I would not care if a person were blue or purple and if I judged people on how they look, I would miss out on meeting some really great people.

For example, the other day, I met a boy who only knew how to speak Spanish. He was so amiable and although we did not speak each other's language, we put differences aside and still became friends. If you go out of your way to communicate with a person that you never met, maybe one day that person that you gave a chance to may save your life. That person may be there when others that you thought you could trust are not around.

Similar to Dr. King's dream, I too have a dream for everyone to be treated as equals. All I truly want is for everyone to get along. There are people that hate being in their class or on their job because they are not around members of their own race. It's so sad to know that we must struggle just to co-exist in life. I believe that we all should have a part in the United States. I remember when they wanted to vote that all Mexicans with a green card should be kicked out of the United States. I did not agree with that. if they were able to make a living and contribute to this country, they should be allowed to stay.

The thing that I want to say to my Mexican people and my Black people is "Why can't you try harder to prove others wrong?" We are looked at and told that we will never become anything and that we don't fit the American dream. Prove these people wrong, be something in life, take all the negatives and make it positive! If a person says that you won't make it, try harder and even become their boss. Come on people -- Many people are waiting for you to fail as they stand on the sidelines watching you struggle because it is not that easy when no one can look past the color of your skin. We must know that we all have to stand for something or we will all fall together. We have low expectations in life because many would rather "Slang" with a chance of dying or going to jail than working hard because there is no one there often to lift them up. We are picked on by police because "we must be doing something illegal because that is just how we are." That is not how I want to be judged and I do not believe that any other person would like to be judged in that manner. To speak of a life so perfect there will never be, but we can strive to get close.

I believe that all we need to know is that life is possible beyond what people want to see.

There is a person with knowledge that you may never have looked at twice as being smart. Even with knowledge, people can be overcome with fear. Rather than sit back in the crowd, we need to overcome our fear, our fear of failure, our fear of different races, and even the fear of having a president of a different race because the worse has already happened with the current president. We are already at war for something that could have been prevented without our people dying. How different it would be for a Mexican American or Black president? Would he or she be given a chance to lead or looked down upon because of their color?

In conclusion everyone can get along and we need to stop the thought of failure. Do not give up because others tell us we will never make it. Personally, I am going to make it and I would like to see everyone else make it, regardless of race. Please prove others wrong and show them that we will become something -- we will not fail, we cannot fail. We can co-exist and enable Dr. King's dream to become a reality as anything is possible with a little hope. Reach for Better, Reach for Good, and it doesn't matter what color you are. You are a person with a lot to offer.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Keven Hansen

Teacher Mr. Anderson

Do I think that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's. dream has been fulfilled? In a way I don't because there is still racism amongst us and I think that many people are still racists because they think they are better than others. The thing is people who are racist are very small-minded.  They don't take the time to learn about other people, their culture, ways and traditions. Another reason why I don't think his dream has been fulfilled is because people still try to segregate races. They now do this by moving into neighborhoods that most people cannot afford. In prison and jails they make the Blacks, Whites and Mexicans stay away from each other. Police still profile minorities and often we learn of police abuse. Once several White cops beat up on a Black man because supposedly he had a gun. Witnesses said that he didn't have a gun.
Institutionalized racial segregation legally ended during the civil rights movement. However, not all racial segregation laws have been repeated in the United States. For instance, in Alabama their state constitution still says that seperate schools shall be provided for White and Colored children. A bill to change that was narrowly defeated in 2004. The U.S. Supreme ruled in 2005 that the California Department of Corrections, practice of racially segregating prisoners in its reception centers is highly questionable and is subject to strict overview by the courts. They sent the case back to the lower courts for review.
In the United States, the term "racial profiling" has often been paired with accusations of racial discrimination against Blacks and Hispanics, particularly by police. It is one type of racially biased policing. Racially biased policing includes other practices such as discriminatory treatment of racial and ethnic minorities not based on profiling, and differential police practices in neighborhoods populated by minorities compared to neighborhoods populated by Whites.
In my opinion, people are so dumb because all men were created equal. In God's eyes all of us are brothers and sisters, however, not everybody sees it like that. What we need to do as humans is to become more culturally diverse. We should take the time to learn more about our different neighbors background, beliefs and traditions. Just because I didn't grow up eating apple pie doesn't mean that I can't learn to like it once I try it. People are afraid of each other because they don't understand one another. Another reason is because people are scared of the possibility of somebody being superior to them. Nobody wants to be on the bottom so we have lots of conflicts.
I feel that people should stop being so small-minded. People should start treating other people equally and with respect. That's how I feel about the world. That's why I think Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream has not been met.

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