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Attendees Respond to Celebration

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It was great to see you last Thursday night at the birthday celebration, honoring the renown artist Charles Bibbs.  I always enjoy the programs that the BVN Foundation sponsors, primarily for two reasons:  1) I know that it will be a signature event with opportunities galore to meet and greet the "who's who" of the Inland Empire and 2) because the Foundation always selects topics or persons who have a great impact on many.

Waudier “Woodie” Rucker Hughes
This was precisely the point on Thursday. Charles Bibbs, the artist, is such a gentle Giant of man, whose compassion and love for his fellow man speaks volumes of his character and his true spirit.  He never seeks the limelight but when you have someone as magnificent and large as this man is, you simply must acknowledge having him in your midst. The BVN Foundation not only recognized this fact but more than adequately followed through with a very successful evening of surprises and fun.  It was truly a grand affair!

I can't say enough about the other Icons in our midst, the Brown family, whose patriarch Hardy Brown, was celebrating his birthday on Thursday while sharing the limelight with Charles Bibbs and ALS Research. This is a family of doers and movers and shakers!  They have love for each other and they never stop thinking about how they can help others to overcome their trials and tribulations.  Hardy was looking very well and I was so happy to spend the evening with these true champions for justice and keepers of the dream for a better tomorrow for all through the printed word.


 Woodie Rucker Hughes

President, NAACP Riverside

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