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Health Services Researcher to Speak on Primary Care and Specialty Care for the Inland Empire

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In free lecture at UCR, Barbara Starfield also will address opportunity for a new medical school to train physicians


Barbara Starfield, a physician and health services researcher internationally known for her work in primary care, will give a lecture at UC Riverside that addresses why primary care and specialty care are of relevance particularly for the Inland Empire.

Her lecture, entitled "Primary care and specialty care: Relevance for the Inland Empire," is scheduled for 5:30 p.m., Monday, April 3, in room E, UC Riverside Extension, 1200 University Avenue, Riverside, Calif. The presentation is free and open to the public, with seating available o­n a first-come basis.

"Health in the United States is poor, relative to other comparable nations despite costs that are much higher than elsewhere and more than double that in many countries,” said Dr. Starfield, M.D., M.P.H., who is a University Distinguished Professor with appointments in the Department of Health Policy and Management and Pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins University Schools of Public Health and Medicine. "To a large extent, this is a result of a very inefficient, inequitable, and often ineffective health system. o­ne manifestation of the failure to plan adequately to meet population health needs is the overspecialization of the physician workforce, despite evidence of the health-enhancing effects of a health system organized about a strong primary care base, buttressed by a coordinated system of specialty services."

Dr. Starfield's lecture is presented by UCR's Health Sciences Initiative under the banner "The Design of New Medical Schools in the 21st Century." For additional information o­n the lecture, please call Eppi Azzaretto at 951-827-4334 or email eppi.azzaretto@ucr.edu. For information o­n other speakers in the seminar series, visit www.ucr.edu.

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