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Art Becomes Up Front and Personal at the CAAM

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Los Angeles

In celebration of its renovation, the California African American Museum is bringing a unique exhibition for public viewing entitled Urban Aesthetics, California Artists 2003.

Black Voice Brings American History to Black Future Leaders

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Black Future Leaders, an organization that works with 100 Black youths each year, provides young Black students who have exhibited leadership skills with mentors and facilitators for monthly seminars and workshops.

Scholarship Funding Available for San Bernardino Schools - 6th, 7th and 8th Grade

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San Bernardino

Children's Forest announces the launch of the 2003 Pathways to Stewardship Scholarship Program.

Statewide Rally Draws Crowd at UCR

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The first-ever statewide rally to defend quality education, healthcare and research at the University of California drew more than 100 Riverside campus workers on Feb. 26.


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Community services from around the Inland Empire.

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