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Fanique’s Cuisine

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By Jequetta Bellard

Black Voice News

ImageWhen I dine out I want an experience that cannot be duplicated at chain restaurants. Therefore Fanique's Cuisine was my first and only choice to celebrate being awarded a new position, I wanted someplace special, but relaxing.  Upon my arrival I was escorted to the "Lake table" near a small tropical fish aquarium. It was a quiet area, perfect for a relaxing dinner. The menu is simple, yet very sophisticated. I like the fact that the entrée comes with seasonal vegetables and a choice of mashed potatoes or rice. For an appetizer I had the crab and shrimp stuffed mushroom. It was marvelous, with large bits of tasty crab and shrimp.  For the entrée I had the Hawaiian Salmon, which literally melted in my mouth. Let me be clear here-the whole meal was bursting in flavor. I wanted to take tiny bites in order to experience the essence of each ingredient. The manager was nice enough to stop by each table several times, checking to see if selections met everyone's satisfaction.

Fellow patrons Arthur and Salena Lowe said it best, "Fanique's Cuisine is Moreno Valley's answer to Los Angeles' Harold and Bell's restaurant.  When more people find out about it Fanique's Cuisine will be the SPOT to be."  Fanique's is conveniently located, has a reasonable price range (you won't go over your budget), a great selection of vegetarian offerings, a wine list that is impressive with something for almost every palate, and atmosphere! Atmosphere!  Atmosphere!   

Fanique's Cuisine is a great selection for a lunch or dinner, one of those places you go to over and over again. You'll argue with yourself as you travel to the restaurant about whether you'll have the coconut shrimp again (and make it three times in a row) or splurge and finally try the lobster this time.  Visit them soon and often.

E. Coli Update

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Update on E. Coli Outbreak Associated with Spinach

As of 10 a.m. (PST) Sept. 19, 2006, 131 persons infected with the outbreak strain of E. coli O157:H7 have been reported to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) from 21 states.

spinachAmong the ill persons, 66 (50%) were hospitalized, 20 (15%) developed a type of kidney failure called hemolytic-uremic syndrome (HUS), and an adult in Wisconsin died. Ninety-six (73%) were female and 6 (5%) were children under 5 years old. Among ill persons who provided the date when their illnesses began, more than 90% became ill between August 19 and Sept. 5.

The states that have reported cases are California (1 case), Connecticut (2), Idaho (5), Illinois (1), Indiana (8), Kentucky (6), Maine (2), Michigan (4), Minnesota (2), Nebraska (6), New Mexico (5), Nevada (2), New York (9), Ohio (15), Oregon (5), Pennsylvania (6), Utah (16), Virginia (1), Washington (2), Wisconsin (32), and Wyoming (1).

One illness associated with the outbreak has been confirmed in California. The Shasta County resident was hospitalized and is recovering at home.

Consumers should not to eat any fresh spinach or salad blends containing fresh spinach until further notice,

E. coli O157:H7 infection often causes abdominal cramps and bloody diarrhea. A small percentage of infected individuals also develop hemolytic uremic syndrome, a condition in which red blood cells are destroyed and kidney failure may occur. There is usually little or no fever, and the illness typically resolves itself in five to 10 days. Those most at risk for serious complications of this food-borne illness include young children, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. Consumers should seek immediate medical care if they develop these symptoms.

Governmental Briefs

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Governor Schwarzenegger's Appointees Darlene Ayers-Johnson and Lillian Perry

ImageLillian Perry, 56, of Fontana, has been appointed to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.  She is a tenured teacher in multiple subjects and since 1999 has taught grades 6, 7 and 8 for Fontana Middle School. Previously, Perry taught grades K-6 for Miles Avenue School in the Los Angeles Unified School District from 1980 to 1986, was a substitute teacher for grades 7 & 8 with McCosh Elementary School in Chicago, IL from 1977 to 1979 and taught grades 4 & 5 for College Hill School in Evanston, IL from 1973 to 1976.  Additionally, she founded the PhiLill Foundation in 2003, a nonprofit devoted to enriching the greater community through the arts and education through entertainment.  This position requires Senate confirmation and there is no salary.  Perry is a Republican.

Darlene Ayers-Johnson, 63, of Oakland, has been appointed to the Commission on the Status of Women.  She has been principal and owner of the public relations firm Ayers-Johnson & Associates since 2000.  Ayers-Johnson is also the vice president of the Board of Oakland's Port Commissioners and executive director of Friends of Faith, a non-profit which brings breast cancer awareness to underserved communities.  Previously, she was executive director of the California State Board of Control from 1997 to 1999 and deputy director of the California State Department of General Services from 1991 to 1997.  This position requires Senate confirmation and the compensation is $100 per diem.

80-Years Young: Community Turns Out to Celebrate Mildred Tyler’s Birthday

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By Cheryl Brown

Too often people forget or don't think about a person who just gives and keeps on giving. That was not true with the 80th birthday of Mildred Tyler. Close to 200 of Tyler's family and friends enjoyed an evening of fun, food and dance celebrating her 80th Birthday.

Mildred is greeted by her pastor Rev. J. Rhone,(l) and Mayor and Mrs. Ron Loveridge.
Tyler was overwhelmed by the quality event that brought out some of Riverside's finest citizens. The "White Linen" party held at the home of Jalani and Angela Bakari was the highlight event of the summer season.

A perfect birthday cake for a perfect lady.
The Master of Ceremonies Richard Jones kept everyone laughing with jokes about everyday things that everyone could identify with. But the jokes that had Mayor Ron Loveridge and his wife, Lorna and the audience rolling in laughter had to do with age.

Emcee Richard O. Jones
Tyler worked over Loveridge at UCR and he honored her with a proclamation. The joke goes like this, "The husband was going to the kitchen and his wife asked him to write her order down so he wouldn't bring the wrong thing. She wanted 3 cubes of ice in her tea and a grilled cheese sandwich. When he returned with a glass of milk she said I told you should write it down, you forgot my slice of cake."

When the crowd recovered from joke after joke they were entertained by Desiree Brown from the award winning Bre Dance Studio, owned by Clifford Breland. Her interpretive dance was intense, outstanding and professional.

Jazz singer, soon to be Karen Wilson, Ph.D, sang a contemporary jazz number that moved Tyler and the others.

"A Quilt of Love" an original work by Jean Denny was read and presented to an overjoyed Tyler.

Before the food was served by a group of volunteers from her church, Allen Chapel AME, its pastor Rev. Jonathan Rhone blessed the food.

Oliver and Mary Welch present flowers to hosts Jalani and Angela Bakari.
After Romanie Arterberry read Tylers bio, Mary Welch (formerly Lowe) and Jean Denny explained how the celebration came about. Denny has known and worked with Tyler on various community projects and said she met Mildred in the store one day as her birthday was approaching. "Mildred proudly announced that she would be turning 80," she said. The historic way of the south dictated a woman didn't tell her age, but Mildred was so proud. "I thought I'll get her a card.

Jean Denny presents her Quits of Love to Mildred Tyler as Reggie Strickland, Clifford Breland and Al Garrett await their turn to greet her.
Then she was speaking to Mary Welch, she said we have to get her some flowers or a plant so they will not let the opportunity go by to show her she is appreciated. As they continued to speak the idea came into focus. And the germination of the 80th Birthday celebration grew with the addition of Harriet Stuckey to prepare the wonderful invitation that will truly be a collector's item and Jalani and Angela Bakari who volunteered their beautiful home.

Karen Wilson sang an outstanding Jazz number.
Arterberry said she met Tyler in 1978 when she went to work at the University of California, Riverside. They shared an office and Tyler's name is still mounted outside of the office they shared.

Mildred was born Mildred Geneva Cabness in Luling, Texas.

Desiree Brown performs magnificantly.
She moved to California in 1962 with four of her five children. The youngest was born in Riverside. In 1967 she began her UCR career as a receptionist for the Dean of Students. She followed a career path to retirement, through the Assistant Dean of Ethnic Studies her final retirement was 1996.

She has been active in the National Council of Negro Women, YWCA, Community Action Agency, Fair Housing Council, Coalition for Alternatives to Domestic Violence, and a member of Allen Chapel AME  Church. She is a professional storyteller and loves to travel.

She lists motherhood as her greatest achievement in life. All five of her children are professionals and most went into law enforcement. Her son Dwight, speaking for the siblings, said she was and continues to be a wonderful mother who always knew what was going on with her children. "We still don't know how she always knew what was going on with us," he said.

Mildred and her five children: Gwendolyn Jones, Dwight, Douglas, Tommi, and James Tyler.
Arterberry said she is a phenomenal women, mother, mentor, friend and role model.

In accepting the honor a very humble Tyler said that she was overwhelmed with how large an event this turned out to be. "I just hope I am worthy of this," she said, recalling "this is the second birthday party I can ever remember having."

Sheriff’s Department Trading Places Project

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By Jequetta Bellard

The Riverside Sheriff's Department has made significant progress over the past year to improve community relations.  As part of the outreach partnership with the Black Voice News, department personnel instituted a new project earlier this year called "Trading Places." This project invites community groups, educators, and community/business leaders to help in the recruitment and hiring of minorities process.  The Sheriff's Department Recruitment Unit is very optimistic that the new strategy project will encourage local minority communities to help in the recruitment and hiring process by exposing community influences to the benefits of RCSD employment.

Above/Below: Lt. Shelley Kennedy Smith and Anthony Thomas witness recruit training at the Ben Clark Training Academy in Riverside
Mr. Anthony Thomas, who is a retired health care professional, was among the first community members to participate in this new project.  Mr. Thomas said that, "All in all the several hours I spent touring the Riverside Sheriff's administration office was great." While touring the facilities Mr. Thomas was introduced to Sheriff Bob Doyle and permitted the opportunity to speak with several Chief Deputies which gave him a better understanding of the Sheriff's Department. 

ImageMr. Thomas stated, "I had a good time observing the existing programs, new training techniques and new technologies and I was given an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the many facets of the day to day operation of the organization."  Mr. Thomas was also present for a swearing in ceremony for Deputy Sheriff Laterals and believes that the computerized simulation rooms, firing range, and other training simulators have more than adeptly prepared the officers for real life situation. He urges more people to contact Community Service Officer Corie McCall at 951.536.9750 or Regina Brown at the Black Voice News 951.682.6070 X-1 for more information on how to participate in the "Trading Place" project.

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