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Young Visionaries Holds Graduating Ceremony

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Young Visionaries Youth Leadership Academy is currently leading a Youth Violence Prevention/P.R.I.D.E Program to instill leadership qualities in the community's youth and redirect their energy towards less violent, more productive pursuits and we'd like you to help us honor our next group of young graduates.

The Youth Violence Prevention Program is training young people to be individual thinkers and to be better citizens; ones who are about building up the community not tearing it down.  Thus, youth are being instructed in gang prevention/intervention, anger management, decision making, conflict resolution, character building, goal setting and social & communication skills.  Other vital components of the program include YVYLA's mental health and substance abuse elements to help address those root causes for the youth's violent behavior.

It is the intention of the Youth Violence Prevention Program/P.R.I.D.E. to impart to its participants the kind of knowledge and skill required to lessen the person to person violence and create safer communities.    We believe that by first training young people to think for themselves instead of following the crowd, to take responsibility for their own actions even when they're angry and how to express those feelings in a nonviolent manner we are creating a more confident, more capable, more considerate group of young citizens.  And the young people are working hard to become better citizens, better individuals and it is our honor to acknowledge their efforts and success.

On January 3rd they will be honoring the proud graduates of the program's next completed session at 4:30PM at 18136 Jurupa, Bloomington, CA 92316 . 

Congratulations graduating youth:

Anthony Allen
Zacqrey Childers
Chris Arias
Dana Draper
Jose Lopez
Francisco Falcon
Keith Frey
Richie Santiago
Jesse Lobato
Kevin Hansen
Kenneth Havens
Arturo Harris
Roberto Jacobo
Damion Jimerson
Abelino Leyva
Ricardo Morataya
Jewell Nelson
Raymond Olmedo

Raymond Ramirez
Warren Woods
Jordan Edwards
Fernando Diaz
Anton Jones
Storm Arreola
Anthony Williams
Rudolfo Moreno
Herbert Martinez
Rene Romero
Robert Rivers
Michael Alvarez
Eric Lerma
Roosevelt Eastland
Anthony Arellano
Ruben Sotelo
Michael Rodriguez
Rodney Larkette
Robert Smith

Riverside BHMC is Constructing an African Village for a Day

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Annual Black History Parade and Expo will go “Back to the Village” to celebrate Black History Month in Downtown Riverside

By Anna Wenger

The Black History Month Committee of Riverside, California is constructing an African Village in the middle of downtown to facilitate their "Back to the Village" Expo which will open to the public after the February 10, 2007 annual Black History Month Parade.
This year marks 28 years in connecting the community and highlighting the African American importance to our communities. This year's partners are The Black Voice Newspaper and Charter Communications promoting the adage of "It Takes a Village......" to celebrate history, arts and culture.

ImageThis "Village" will highlight and embrace the experience of the African Diaspora. It will promote the history, arts, and culture of African-Americans through theater performances, fine arts demonstrations, dance performances and also celebrate all people that have helped in the struggle for freedom, justice, and equality. The "Village" will pay tribute to our community leaders, politicians, pastors, and law enforcement agencies. Together we will celebrate abolitionists and leaders that have fought against racism and hate and welcome all cultures to work together with us in the continuing fight for justice and equality. The main "Village" will feature 4 booth locations within the "Village" community.

It Takes a "Village".....To parent, educate and inform with literacy and storytelling!
Taken from the African oral tradition of education through storytelling, African American culture embraces educational programs that engage families, community members, and educators in the important work of preparing children to enter school.
Some of these programs also provide tools to improve literacy and parenting skills.
It Takes a "Village".....To feed and nurture all of our children! Food is a large component and universal language for many cultures. This food "Village" presents healthy alternatives to the traditional culinary diversity of the African American experience, from Southern comfort food to urban gourmet dishes to sinful desserts like sweet potato pie and red velvet cake. It also promotes health and better living through choices, lifestyles and food.
It Takes a "Village"......To invent and re-invent a culture through innovation and Business Economics! This "Village" represents the inventors and entrepreneurs of our community and showcases some of our unique businesses and inventions. In keeping with the "Back-to-the "Village" theme, It also recognizes those that have come back to the community.

Targeted demographics are age 25-40, African American families, 60% female - 40% male, average income of 50-60 k coverage in print, radio and broadcast and e-mail marketing to reach over 1 million households.
Sponsor Benefits include Strategic Product Placement within each "Village," company logo on all collateral and advertisements, banner signage on "Village", 1/4 ad in Black History Month Guide and free entry in Black History Parade. Each sponsors will also receive a certificate of recognition, parade banner along the parade route, banner ad on various websites, a free booth, and kick-off reception recognition.

Anyone interested in reserving a "Village" and becoming a major sponsor of the "Back to the "Village" Expo should contact Regina Brown-Wilson at 951.682.2664. Up to five related sponsors may share one of the four "Villages". Each "Village" reservation has an entry fee of $5,000 dollars. To get involved with the committee please contact 951.684.0805 and speak with Dell Roberts.

Memorable Evening Shared at the 2nd Annual Brown Celebration

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By Anna Wenger
Photos by Sam James

The second annual Hardy Brown Birthday Celebration was held at Riverside Convention Center last Thursday with over 300 friends, community supporters and family members, entering the red carpet. This year's Black-tie gala honored and celebrated the philanthropic work of Riverside's own renowned artist, Charles Bibbs. 
Hardy and Cheryl Brown

Charles Bibbs was joined by his wife Elaine and his son Charles, Jr. Charles Bibbs is an internationally recognized artist who founded Art 2000, a nonprofit visual arts association that aims to provide young artists with education to help them thrive.
Elaine and Charles Bibbs listen Kelly Jackson

Sheila Frazier

Some of the stars that were received on the red carpet were Actress Sheila Frazier of "Superfly," and Janet  DuBois, who played Wilona in Good Times. Other artists joining Charles in the celebration were Synthia St. James and Larry Poncho Brown. Ms. Frazier said, "The "Arts" need that type of attention and support." Art pieces from Charles Bibbs, Larry "Poncho" Brown, Synthia St. James and others lined the back wall. Landrus Clark was the auctioneer for the evening. There was also a silent auction of art and gift items.

The unveiling of an original painting, a collaborative effort of over 25 renowned artists, became one of the highlights of the evening.  Larry "Poncho" Brown gave a moving testimonial of the positive influence Charles Bibbs had on his life. There was also a surprise guest appearance by Charles' high school art teacher, Mr. Ted Henry. 
Artist Larry “Poncho” Brown travelled from Baltimore to honor Charles Bibbs

"We The People" Cultural Drum & Dance Troupe led the procession as they danced in native costume to the beat of African drums. The piano player for the pre-celebration was Hector Jimenez who set the stage for an elegant evening. Then there was the thrill of an impromptu performance by Phil Perry, accompanied by guitarist, Ray Fuller and the Ray Fuller Band.

San Bernardino Mayor Pat Morris
Elected officials showing their support included San Bernardino Mayor Patrick Morris, Fontana Councilwoman Acquanetta Warren, Assemblywoman Wilmer Amina Carter. Carter said, "The Bibbs' and the Brown's have been catalysts for positive change in the community. They are integral parts of our community." Among those representing the church community were Reverend and Mrs. Munford of New Joy Baptist, Reverend and Mrs. Larry Campbell of St. Paul, L.E. Campbell of Park Avenue Baptist Church, and New Hope Baptist Church from San Bernardino was also present.
Pastors LE Campbell and Larry Campbell served on the program.

Charles Bibbs said, "It was truly an honor to receive the awards and recognitions, especially in my own hometown. I have always admired Cheryl and Hardy Brown for their support in the community and it really gave me a great feeling to hear that I was selected to be the honoree this year's Hardy Brown's Birthday Celebration. This was a classy event and I was immensely impressed to see the many people who came out to support it." 

Paula E. George, an associate of Charles Bibbs said, "The celebration for Charles was truly an exciting event!  My heart was filled with joy and pride as I watched the multitude of people fill the room to honor a man I have worked with for over 14 years. This celebration was right on time for someone who truly deserved the recognition. Wanda Scruggs said "December 7, 2006" will remain a day to be remembered by all who attended the dazzling gala event."

Emcees Kathy Ervin and Rickerby Hinds
Hardy Brown, namesake of the event and co-publisher of The Black Voice News is known for dedication to his family, his community, The Black Voice Foundation and his interest in promoting art and culture in the Inland Empire. By his side, actively participating in the event were his wife Cheryl; his daughters Regina Brown-Wilson, Paulette Brown-Hinds, and Lynn Lee; his son-in-laws, Rickerby Hinds and Kurt Wilson; and grandchildren Kennedy, Justin, and Alex.

Press Enterprise Publisher Ron Redfern and his wife wish Brown a Happy Birthday

Brown said "This celebration is an example to people of how to live after you get bad news and hopefully celebrating people like Charles will be an inspiration to others to follow their dream and passion inspite of adversity that they sometimes face."

ImageAlthough both Brown and Bibbs battled with life-threatening illnesses, they both continue to inspire others and give back to their community. According to Katherine Doss, a member of the steering committee organizing the event, "The BVN, and Event Committee did an excellent job creating such a memorable evening." Proceeds from the event go to the Muscular Dystrophy Association for ALS research, Art 2000, and the Black Voice Foundation Internship Program.

Attendees Respond to Celebration

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It was great to see you last Thursday night at the birthday celebration, honoring the renown artist Charles Bibbs.  I always enjoy the programs that the BVN Foundation sponsors, primarily for two reasons:  1) I know that it will be a signature event with opportunities galore to meet and greet the "who's who" of the Inland Empire and 2) because the Foundation always selects topics or persons who have a great impact on many.

Waudier “Woodie” Rucker Hughes
This was precisely the point on Thursday. Charles Bibbs, the artist, is such a gentle Giant of man, whose compassion and love for his fellow man speaks volumes of his character and his true spirit.  He never seeks the limelight but when you have someone as magnificent and large as this man is, you simply must acknowledge having him in your midst. The BVN Foundation not only recognized this fact but more than adequately followed through with a very successful evening of surprises and fun.  It was truly a grand affair!

I can't say enough about the other Icons in our midst, the Brown family, whose patriarch Hardy Brown, was celebrating his birthday on Thursday while sharing the limelight with Charles Bibbs and ALS Research. This is a family of doers and movers and shakers!  They have love for each other and they never stop thinking about how they can help others to overcome their trials and tribulations.  Hardy was looking very well and I was so happy to spend the evening with these true champions for justice and keepers of the dream for a better tomorrow for all through the printed word.


 Woodie Rucker Hughes

President, NAACP Riverside

Multicultural Business Groups Hit Jackpot at Pechanga

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Over 1000 energetic business people gathered to meet, greet, network and participate in the first of its kind business mega mixer on Thursday, November 30th, 2006, at Pechanga Casino and Resort in Temecula.

Joanne Schierberl, Pechanga; Howard Chan, Asian Business Association of Orange County; Bobby McDonald, Black Chamber of Orange County; Maria Dumatol, Asian Business Association; Joel Ayala, Hispanic Chamber of Orange County; Ernie Delphin, Filipino Chamber of Orange County;Radi Miranda, President Orange County Presidents Council; and Mr. Sam Wallace, with CA. Business, Housing and Transportation (Cal Trans).

The beautiful Pechanga Grand Ballroom was filled with business people, a festive electric spirit, along with ethnic chambers encircling the room so everyone could visit the different chambers from the Southern California area. 

The Secretary of State, Bruce McPherson was in attendance, and spoke, having been invited by the Orange County Presidents Council, along with key members of the Pechanga Indian Tribal Council.  Mr. Sam Wallace, from California's Business, Housing and Transportation Department, (Cal Trans) also spoke.

Radi Miranda, President Orange County Presidents Council; and Mr. Sam Wallace, with CA. Business, Housing and Transportation (Cal Trans) and Bobby McDonald, President of the Black Chamber of Orange County, discussing Sam’s new role and information that increases the impact of our business growth in Southern California.

The Orange County Presidents Council (OCPC) is a result of the changing dynamics within the ethnic business community. As organizations have achieved success, they have started to recognize the value of reaching beyond their own cultures. An attitude is emerging that rather than focusing on differences, they should capitalize on similarities and common interests while preserving the value of diversity. This has led to a movement among the leading Orange County ethnic chambers to promote communication, collaboration and cooperation among the various business groups in order to provide better member services, more effective use of community resources and expanded regional growth.  For more information on the OCPC visit the website- www.ocpresidentscouncil.org.

Bobby McDonald, President of the Black Chamber of Orange County; Regina Brown Wilson, The Black Voice News; Kris Benz, President of the Palm Springs African American Chamber; Marlene Dyce and Harold Hutchison, Board Members of the Black Chamber of Orange County.

The uniqueness of this event, plus the cooperation of the ethnic chambers, along with a gracious host, Pechanga Casino and Resort, and the inclusion of other southern California chambers, not part of the OCPC made the event extremely special.  The OCPC is all about business and the proliferation and promotion of business.  The OCPC is on track with its mission.

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