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GQ Still Going Strong in the R&B Classics Market

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San Bernardino

In 1979 a new R&B group burst onto the scene, bringing us such hits as...

... Disco Nights, Rock Freak, I Do Love You and Sitting in the Park.

That year Disco Nights won GQ an American Music Award for Best Disco song of the year, tying with Rod Stewart’s Do You Think I’m Sexy.

GQ’s promotional tour initially began with numerous Television appearances like American Bandstand, Soul Train, Midnight Special and many more.

Touring extensively throughout the US and abroad, GQ set out to make a name for themselves in the performance arena. Needless to say, they accomplished just that.

In fact GQ has been one of the most sought after Concert groups in the R&B Classics market ever since. Even today they are unstoppable in terms of bang for the buck Live shows.

Recording for Arista Records proved to be a very rewarding experience for GQ, yielding Platinum & Gold awards as well as a reputation of great quality and endearing products.

GQ went on to record a total of three albums for Arista. Additionally, in 1999 GQ recorded a tribute to Marvin Gaye & Billy Stewart for ITP Records. Today, Mr. GQ’s Emanuel Rahiem LeBlanc adds Record Label owner to his name, with his Imprint.

Spring 2005 will see a breakthrough CD release of GQ’s Mr. Q project. Also look out for a duet version of their I Do Love You with Rapper Shea to be released late this winter.

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