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When All Hope Is Lost

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By Joshua Beachamp

Hope is something we all have, and in bad times it is often something we all misplace. Have you ever known someone that has gone bankrupt(BK) or had their house put into foreclosure? Have you ever noticed that whatever the circumstances may be leading up to this, the effect soon becomes the same for everybody.

"How am I ever going to get my head above water?" “How did this happen to me?" or "Even if I can find someone to help how me, how can I trust them?” I know how you feel, I lost a house too. In many cases hope is not lost, it has merely been misplaced. So let's see if we can find it together now.

When getting a loan make sure it is smart for your long term future. Many lenders love to see you with the lowest payment but lowest payment rarely equates to best loan. However, even if you did get a good loan sometimes things go bad, so... before you file a BK talk to a lender that is qualified to answer your more urgent questions. Again you may have to call 10 lenders until you find a good one, however this is your future we are talking about.

My company has stopped Trust Deed sales 7 days before the sale, we have gotten extensions on foreclosures so that a home could be saved/sold, we have done loans at 100% financing one day after BK and paid off BK13's in a refi. These are just some of the things that can be done by a good lender.

Remember that a good broker can do more that just "A" credit loans.

So try and keep in mind that the only real chance you have at keeping hope alive, is to just have a little faith. Oh yeah, and get yourself a good lender.

Joshua Beauchamp can be reached at Progressive Capital (See his ad on page 8)

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