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African American Health Forum Comes to Riverside

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By Naomi Bonman –

Taking care of your body and staying healthy is a vital role in life. On Wednesday, June 17 at the Marriott in Riverside California Partnership Access to Treatment held an informative luncheon entitled, “Depression in African Americans.”

Co- Sponsors of the event were Community Action Partnership (CAP) and the Riverside Branch of the NAACP.

The welcome was led by Alice A. Huffman, President California NAACP The keynote speaker was Dr. Michelle O. Clark.

Most often, the term “depression” is confused with other illnesses.

For example, depression is not: feeling the blues, worry, grief, or lonesome because you cannot find a mate; however clinical depression is and can be by a personal crisis, genetics, environment, trauma, physical illness, and/or substance abuse. An interesting fact that was brought up was that the third leading cause of death in African Americans is suicide, with the male to female ratio being 4 to 1.

There are eight steps to maintaining your health: accept yourself, not to harm yourself, to experience joy and pleasure, know what you can and cannot control, learn and move on, successful grieving, positive connections, and self care.

For more information on California Partnership for Access to Treatment visit www.caaccess.org or call a CPAT representative at 323.466.3445.

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