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CA Republican Party Leadership Conference A Huge Success

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By BVN Staff

Recently, at the Burbank Marriott Hotel an extraordinary event was held by the California Republican Party.

Billed as California Republican Party Leadership Conference, hosted by the California African American Republican Coalition, the theme was "Building Strong Leadership through Positive Change."

PANEL: (l-r) Joe Hicks, Joseph Phillips, Wilbert Smith, Shannon Reeves, Walt Allen, Acquanetta Warren and Lynn Swann.

Black Republican leaders from around California gathered there for a day long leadership conference focused on growing the number and effectiveness of African American Republican activists throughout our state.

Ron Nehring, CRP leader stated, "It's one of the most extraordinary events I've seen in my 20 years in Republican politics".

Lynn Swann
Among the participants, panelist and speakers were: Lynn Swann, the former NFL player and former Republican nominee for Pennsylvania governor, along with California African American Republican leaders like Covina Mayor Pro Tem Walt Allen, Assembly candidate and San Ramon, Mayor Abram Wilson, Fontana Councilmember (and CRP regional Vice Chair) Acquanetta Warren, CPUC Commissioner Timothy Simon, Southern California Edison's Tommy Ross, Bobby McDonald of Orange County's Black Chamber of Commerce, Shannon Reeves of the RNC (and former CRP Secretary), and many others. 

The morning session consisted of a panel discussion entitled:  "Vision for Building Black Republican Leadership" and the panel also included Joe Hicks, radio talk show host; Joseph Phillips, actor and author; and Wilbert Smith, a former gubernatorial appointee and business owner, along with Reeves, Warren, Allen and Swann.

Walt Allen, Timothy Simon and Bobby McDonald
This event was an organizational focal point for a sustained effort to maximize the number and the effectiveness of African American Republican activists to help increase the benefits of Republican leadership and principles to even more California communities.

"We know that our Republican ideas of entrepreneurship, strong families, promoting personal responsibility work wherever they're implemented and many African-Americans in the state share Republican values," stated Bobby McDonald.

He continued: "Several TV crews covered the event, with the program focused on leadership and political training, networking, and mapping out the next steps for building the Republican Party in California's African American communities."

With the number and quality of the participants that were in attendance, the group is off to a great start.

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