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Disney’s Toy Story Mania Excites Visitors

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By Jordan Brown

The happiest place on earth just got happier with the new ride "Toy Story Mania." Located in Disney's California Adventure theme park, the attraction is fast paced and exciting. There are five games that the guests play.  They have to do with midway games. However, all the games have to do with Toy Story. The games are "Pie Throw Practice," "Hamm & Eggs," "Bo Peep's Baa- loon Pop," "Green Army Men Shoot Camp," Buzz Light Year's Flying Tossers" and "Rootin' Tootin' Shootin' Gallery." Guest are given 3-D glasses for the 4-D game. Then you sit on the ride and you pull a little trigger with a steering wheel that allows you to shoot at the target. The targets have points that range from 100 to 2000, and as you play you rack up the points.

Jordan Brown, visiting from Ohio, enjoyed Toy Story Maina at Disney's California Adventure.

So lets talk games.

In the first game you hit targets with virtual pies that splatter in your face. Oh, and you might get wet water balloons in "Bo Peep's Baaa -loon Pop."    Whoever wins, wins a virtual plush toy. I won with 36,590 points.

If the line wasn't so long, I'd ride "Toy Story Mania" all day long.

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