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UCRSees Demand

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Nearly 5,000 freshmen and 555 transfer students have declared their intent to register for classes at the University of California, Riverside, this fall, an increase of about 20 percent when compared with the previous year.

As of May 23, UC Riverside had 4,828 Statements of Intent to Register (SIRs) from first-time freshmen and another 555 from students who want to transfer in from other colleges.

James Sandoval, vice chancellor of student affairs, said UCR expects to enroll about 4,300 new students for fall 2008.

Image"This year's strong increase in SIR rates is a powerful recognition of UC Riverside's status as a campus of first choice for students, parents and high school teachers and counselors," said Sandoval. "We encourage students from an early age to make a commitment to college and take the classes they need to be eligible for the UC system. We are always very proud when the campus they choose is Riverside."

Sandoval said one encouraging statistic is the growing number of students from Northern California who are choosing UCR. "This fall our numbers from that part of the state will be up by about 32 percent," he said.

In January, University of California officials announced that 21,496 freshmen applied to UCR and 4,568 transfer students, which is the largest application pool in the history of UC Riverside.

The priority SIR deadline was May 1 for incoming freshmen, but forms are still coming in and being considered. The SIR deadline for transfer students is June 1.

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